Jimmer is far from past tense in NBA

I chuckled when I read this headline today:

Is Jimmermania Over…?”

As Jimmer’s “partial” rookie season, without the benefit of training camp, winds down with the guard rich lackluster Sacramento Kings, some press are getting brutal with their assessment of Jimmer’s future in the NBA. They believe that his lack of playing time somehow brands him as an under-performer with a questionable pro ball future. ...

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What Jimmer Teaches Rookies, Kobe & NBA About Public Relations

I have done my time as a ravving sports fan. Playing little league baseball, football in high school, you soccer moms know the drill. Demands of career and family, along with a general disenchantment with arrogant athletes and greedy owners are the reasons I use to spend less time now following sports. That said, my alma mater BYU continues to get air time around my house, ...

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