New Years Publicity Outside New York – What’s a Moon Pie?

New Years in New York City includes the big Times Square  ball drop for publicity, not a “big apple.” But, how do they do the ball drop thing elsewhere? Cities all over America seek New Year headlines from their “over the top” guerilla PR antics. Try to top this drop:

Mobile Moon Pie Drop

Atlanta Peach Drop

Dillsburg Giant Pickle Drop

Brasstown Possum Drop

Memphis/Nashville Guitar Drop

Miami Orange Drop

NYC Times Square – Still the Most Famous PR for New Years Celebration

More Fun New Years Drops ...

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Whitney Houston Death Deemed Suicide in Toxicology Report

Would you be surprised if this headline was the finding from Whitney Houston’s autopsy? Thoughtful, and somber, fans have already considered it likely. This fan is not surprised, yet am saddened by the early flame-out of another brilliant Candle in the Wind. Yea…me too. I do think of Marilyn Monroe and Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson. All brilliant entertainers, all beautiful, all ...

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