David Letterman Needs my Dentist – Dodge – Crowns in an Hour

Two days before Thanksgiving this year, I learned not to dodge the dentist. I had a tooth bothering me and I knew something had to be done quickly if I was to enjoy that feast of all feast holidays. That day I sat in my dentist’s chair to tell Dr. Keith Dodge my sad tale. Knowing others sat in the waiting room and there was certainly limited time to do any significant work, I was a little more than ...

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Happy Thanksgiving – Don't be a Turkey!

When I think of the biggest turkeys in my life, I think of people that took advantage of me. People who say one thing and do another. I just signed up a new public relations client that thoroughly researched my background after our first meeting to make sure I wasn’t a turkey. I am pleased to report, he found out as have other clients that ...

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What I'm Thankful For – Free Markets

thankfulcarvedpumpkinwhiteTis the season to think thankful thoughts, consider our blessings, bring loved ones close, and whatever else you like to do for the holidays. As a fellow who communicates for a living, I think it a grand idea to share some of what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday – besides Donny Osmond making the finals of Dancing with the Stars.  From my entrepreneurial viewpoint I’m thankful for:

  • Free Markets where ...
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