Freedom & Flag – What Does 4th of July Mean?

4th of July, freedom and flag. What does it mean to you? What does it communicate? Here’s one PR guy’s opinion.

Recently,  I went to a funeral for a 92 year young member of the  “Greatest Generation,” a veteran of World War II. I touched the flag as it passed, reverently draped over the casket, audience standing in silence. In that hushed moment, emotion welled up from inside, not just for a friend’s passing, but for the millions of ...

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U.S. Navy and DoD invite SpotterRF to Stiletto demonstration

SpotterRF Radar News: The U.S. military is very careful how it speaks in public about specific technology used in the field. So, it’s very pleasing to see the Department of Defense’s public announcement involving our client SpotterRF along with today’s DoD approved SpotterRF announcement. Utah PR firm, PilmerPR, and our Utah client, SpotterRF are close neighbors.

SpotterRF was one of ...

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