Entrepreneur Student & Classmates vs. Leukemia

One of the brightest, most engaged UVU students in my Saturday Entrepreneurship class is Jose Padilla. A naturalized US citizen working the American Dream, he never missed a class until life turned on-a-dime mid-term. Here’s his story and how my brilliant class seeks to make a difference for Jose and others like him by Giving-A-Dime (www.GivingADime.org)

Story on KSL radio

Story in the Daily Herald.

UVU Press Relase

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VC Cleantech Investment – Up or Down?

77 cleantech acquisitions in Q1 2012. $1.81 billion in VC capital invested in 185 cleantech startups in Q1 2012. In dollars, this is less than Q1 2011. By number of deals, this is up from Q4 2011. So, is Clean-Tech on its way back up among investors? Is yo-yo federal policy slowing it down? Whaddup?

Full Story: GIGAOM

CleanTech Public Relations

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Crisis PR Tips…Mayan Calendar Apocalypse or Not…

Last night I had a dream of consulting a prominent Utah CEO regarding a current crisis situation. Hence, it’s on my mind this morning. As we launch into a new year, we hear “year-in-review” reports of crisis after crisis endured during the past year.

During the coming year, mark my word, we will be snowed under with doomsday speculation about the 2012 December deadline for the ...

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In Entrepreneurs We Trust – Not Uncle Sam

I teach an Entrepreneur class at Utah Valley University. The work I’ve done with the Entrepreneurial program there and at BYU has been a highlight growth opportunity as a business owner – see PilmerPR, LLC.  So, I’m constantly on the watch for great class content. My class read the E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. It’s a great self analysis tool for aspiring business people. Here’s a video of his that I really enjoyed.

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Communicator Awards Honors PilmerPR

award-communicator_bw_logo1comm-award-trophy-2009-lo-res-crop“PilmerPR is pleased to announce the garnering of yet another honor for exceptional public relations results. Thank you to a great client, ElectraTherm, for accepting sound PR advice and thanks to skilled staff that holds up the standard of communications excellence at PilmerPR.”  John Pilmer – President and Founder

EarthTimes covers this Green PR news.

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