Children with Autism Benefit from Christmas Party – Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to rise in the collective corporate conscience.  Our public relations firm loves to work with clients that follow PilmerPR rule #1, “First Be Good, Then Talk About It.” A painful memory of how marketing gets ahead of social responsibility is the gulf oil spill, courtesy of British Petroleum (BT). However, there are great examples of good corporate citizens. Here’s an example.

In the holiday “Season of Giving,” the employees at Brent Brown Toyota Scion chose to give rather than just receive at this year’s company’s Christmas party.  They ended up receiving back a warm feeling of service satisfaction. The staff decided to raise money at the party for the Clear Horizons Academy for local children with autism by holding a silent auction and drawing whereby employees donated auction and door prize items which then were auctioned off to the rest of the employees.  Brent Brown added some great items to the auction as well and some local companies who do business with the dealership also contributed some auction items.  The party was held at the school.

The Christmas party raised over $4,500 for the school, which was presented to Clear Horizons Academy.

Clear Horizon Academy serves Utah children with Autism

“The Brent Brown Toyota people really did something special with this Christmas party and the contribution,” said Carol Walker, director of public relations at Clear Horizons Academy. ”This generous gift will go a long way in helping with the many needs of our school for children with autism in our community.”

Having seen the results, the Brent Brown employees are planning to make this an annual event and encourage other companies to do the same.

Clear Horizons is giving children with autism in our community a chance to attain skills and achieve goals that will change their life trajectory forever! Autism impacts 1 in every 88 children across the nation.  In Utah, the rate is much higher with 1 in 47 being afflicted by this disorder.  Fortunately, there is hope for these children and their families.  Clear Horizons Academy is a nonprofit school that offers each child a tailored education with the therapeutic services they need to succeed in life. For more info: Carol Walker 801-404-4320

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