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Dateline: Kynetx Impact Conference

Want to see the next communications revolution on the web as vendors scramble for customers demanding more control over the relationship?

Nearly 100 developers and fans of the Live Web gathered at the evening keynote session of Impact, Kynetx annual conference in South Jordan, Utah. Punching up the volume around its disruptive context automation development platform, the company brought in super-geek mentors and heavyweight speakers to this year’s event. After the gourmet geek feeding, attendees started prepping their creations for the first veggie derby I’ve ever witnessed—or even heard of. Background blues music accompanied the party mood and would be 4-wheel veggie car designers seemed only mildly annoyed when temporarily interrupted for the main event.

Browser Apps was on the menu for the evening, a subtle focusing of the company’s sweet spot in the market. is open for business to savvy developers catching a ride on the Live Web train. The company’s corral of devoted developers has doubled over the past year, validating the vision, and delivering apps like HoverMe, an app that uses and Huluflix to market.

Phil Windley, Kynetx creator and CTO addressed the crowd on the company’s vision as a “shaping strategy,” providing disruptive advancement on the Web.  He described current Web 2.0 thinking as providing “pools of information” using a “go & get” model. The Live Web Kynetx vision empowered by the Kynetx platform allows users to “define my purpose” to achieve delivery of “rivers of data” as defined by the user, cutting through the silos of information for a much more comprehensive version of web delivery. The “Kinetic Rules Language” is the basis for such Live Web development.

Doc Searls, noted tech guru, served up a vision of the transition of the Universe to the “Youniverse,” or super-

Doc Searls shares secrets of the Youniverse

empowering of individuals through the web. Searles doesn’t believe we have super-empowered individuals yet, but it’s coming. Old school: the institution can “change the terms” and controls the output. New school: the individual sets the rules of engagement with the institution. Doc summed up this vision as VRM (Vendor Relations Management) controlled by the consumer who sets the rules.

Robert Scoble rounded out the evening leading a 3-way discussion with Phil and Doc about this future web experience managed by the empowered individual. The discussion zeroed in on the dizzying transition pace from desktop to mobile devices as the platform of choice for the super-empowered consumer.

After the speeches a party broke out, led by a pinewood derby race of veggie cars like the pinewood potato and the super squash. Party on, Kynetx. Go Live Web!!!

By the way the sweet potato land cruiser beet the parsnip party car and was crowned Impact Champ!

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