Honeybee Public Relations & Social Responsibility – Why Should You Care?

Social Responsibility (CSR) Alert: Do you hear the growing buzz about bees in the news? Why should you care? Well, I volunteer to represent this lowly insect for a few minutes. Experts have dramatically cranked up the news volume reporting drastically reduced honeybee populations. This is a growing problem. Following a slow decades long decline in honeybee populations,  2012 flurry of news surrounded reports of a 50% die off in the U.S., greatly impacting food growers depending on the mighty pollen delivery ecosystem of the honeybee.

What food pantry is without that little sticky squeeze bottle of sweet breakfast goo we call honey? We love the stuff. But the U.S. production of nature’s sweet concoction is falling (USDA Annual Honey Report 2010 ).

Not concerned yet? Today, I had  fruit for breakfast that depends on the honeybee. This evening I’ll have sliced almonds on my salad. This depends on the buzzing bee. I look out at my peach tree in full bloom and know my fall harvest depends on these little critters.  Like many of the serious issues facing the planet (ie. mass pollution of lakes, rivers, and oceans; industrial and auto pollution of the air; overfishing of the oceans), the lowly honeybee is not top of mind for most people.  But that is changing:

If the honeybee could talk, imagine what you might say to them.  “Mr. bee, I for one plan to do a better job educating myself on pesticides and other stuff that may mess you up. Also, since the human race is still learning how to take care of the planet, I want to be part of the solution, not the problem.  And, by the way, thanks for the honey.”

Neonicotinoids: the nicotine-derived pesticide most recently implicated in the honeybee die off.

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