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We have worked for a month to prepare our client Humless for the PR / News storm created by the first serious hurricane of 2011. As expected in August, Hurricane Irene created a news wave of tsunami proportions.  Below is that news release that was viewed by more than 1200 on Business Wire within the first 4 hours of posting. More than 600 postings of the news have proliferated online, 16 bloggers have passed on the news so far, and more than 100 folks have already viewed the fun video we assisted in creating. The sales team says the phones from the east coast are ringing.

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PROVO, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Humless, LLC ( announced today its outreach to coastal states threatened by hurricanes. Ill winds blowing in the Atlantic bring into focus the precarious situation coastal residents face regarding emergency electricity. Humless is offering its Sentinel emergency power system with solar kit for use under the rigor of emergency storm relief efforts to the American Red Cross in coastal areas.

“Every year storms knock out power to large populations in hurricane alley,” said Glenn Jakins, CEO at Humless. “People along the coast need to know there is a safe, portable, renewable power system that doesn’t depend on gasoline, proven scarce after major storms.”

According to a study by the Propane Education and Research Council, half of residents in hurricane-prone states expect to lose electricity for more than 24 hours, but only 26 percent own a generator. Of those who own a generator, many wait too long to see if their generator will start or if they have enough fuel. Many don’t consider that their gas station will likely lose power when they do. See video.

To focus attention on the value of portable power for emergency planning, Humless is offering loaner systems to the American Red Cross for testing in the region. As with other first responders, Red Cross has mobile, reliable power needs to run computers, maintain satellite communications, and to keep teams connected during and after a disaster.

Fortunately, a new generation of Advanced Lithium+ emergency power supply does not rely on fossil fuels and can last for years without a recharge. Humless has produced the first all-in-one alternative-fuel power system to combine a 10-year shelf life and long-lasting charge time with less than 5 percent loss of stored power per year. It can be charged with solar panels, wind turbines, hand cranks, and virtually any available energy source, and still provide versatile output to power everything from a radio to computers to a refrigerator. Totally silent and portable, Humless is safe for indoor use, unlike fuel-burning generators.

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