Utah – Nation's lowest CNG just got a price hike


This was bound to happen, just not yet.

Associated Press: Advocates irked by rise in Utah natural gas price.

When gasoline goes back above $3/gal this year, Utah CNG will still be a bargain, even at much higher prices.

That said, Utah PSC Julie Orchard, Energy Advisor Dianne Nielson, and Gov Huntsman should remember that Utah has a limited time differential advantage over all other states with the nation’s lowest natural gas prices for vehicles under $1/gal.

Why give up that advantage? Why not use it as an excuse to build a better infrastructure of CNG vehicle pumps across the state? Why not improve incentives for CNG conversions from companies like www.myclearfuel.com, which can convert either gasoline or diesel vehicles to duel fuel?

CNG is clean burning, made in the USA, and builds a bridge to more sustainable clean energy of the future.

What do you think?

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  1. Greg Stone  February 25, 2009

    This weeks New Energy Summit in Washington D.C. has reemphasized our nations responsibility to utilize cleaner, renewable energy sources in order to save our environment, save money, and save our country from its addiction to foreign supplied oil.

    In 2008, crude prices more than doubled, surging from a mere $65/bbl to almost $150/bbl, before settling in around $100/bbl. Who knows what 2009 will have in store?

    Natural Gas is today’s answer to America fuel independence and sustainable progress.


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