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Place Kouji at right side of deployment area. Normal mode: 0~8 SR Point. Side plan reward: Have Shiro battle Broken and INFINITY. You can also use Ex Order [ExC boost] to increase ExC for an unit. EX: Add 3000 more funds when shooting down enemies. Each turn of Player Phase, SP will be recovered by 5. Recover 10% of maximum HP and EN at the start of each Player Phase. Don't move Nadesico yet. 2. 5. Give Shuttle Platinum Emblem, recovery SP power part. In turn 3, if any unit have enough ExC, use [Action]. Author: ATX233. Terrain Adaption: Air (A), Land (A), Sea (B), Space (A) Fasalina and Michael will go after Van. And Alpha Azieru if Char point is at least 6 at the moment Quess down. You get 200000 funds Have Domon attack Devil Gundam to reduce its HP to under 50%. Let your unit stay inside battleship's aura command, make use of spirit command. Scenario 50: The Unseen Will of God (4)Effect from factor affects damage like Placement correction, Special skill, special ability, custom bonus, power part have Captain Harlock use [Resolve], boost ExC for Xelguard, Granvang, Vangnex. Enemy unitGroupMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNoteInitial stageMonsterMonster1602950040440018Potential L5, Guard L2, Ignore Size L2.ReinforcementMonsterMonster1602950015440018Potential L7, Support Attack L2, Guard L2DebonairDebonair175456000139000100Double Action, Potential L6, Morale+Bonus, Break Morale Limit L3, Support Attack L3, Guard L3, MAP Attack. Critical attack's damage = [normal damage] x1.25. Side plan reward: GekiRyuJin shoots down 1 enemy after arriving. Charge toward and attack enemy with Aura Slash. Deploy unit with spirit command [Cheer] like Allenby or Umi to make some pilot get Valor. Enemy reinforcement 2 Stage mode: Normal (0~40 SR Point), Hard (41~51 SR Point) All ally unit that is deployed must have at least 1 kill. Side plan reward: Akito shoots down Hokushin's six. When you reinforcement arrives, wipe out the rest of enemy. -Diablo of Monday's HP is below 60% -SR Point: Within 3 turns, shoot down FTO when its HP is 1000 and above by one attack. Guard Enemy reinforcement appears. Also pay attention to enemy battleship's morale which is at near Van. Event list Pitch Black Stress Normal mode: 0~9 SR Point. In 1 turn, Hit rate of self or designated ally will be 100%. -Defeat conditon: Any ally battleship or Hikaru or Fuu or Umi shot down. (2)TAC Management GRADE is at least 4. Yurika joins Nadesico as sub pilot. Hard mode: 12~15 SR Point. [TacP 300] Then place some strong unit like Daan of Thurdays, Master Gundam, Shin Getter Draogon, Gunbuster at position that outside E-Phas's attack range and can counter attack them. Map clear. I suggest you use God Gundam (Domon) and Shin Getter 1(Ryoma). Join: Scenario 11 Now you begin attack your enemy while reduce Jacer J1's HP. You can also use Ex Order [Stat Up] to boost your unit's stat if they are inside battleship's commander aura. Ally unit Change terrain handling for unit/weapon to Spc-S. Change terrain handling for unit/weapon to Grd-S. All non-exclusive unit move as if in Ground. Use Judau to persuade Ple Two. Garasect has one attack move with range of 3. 8. Map clear. Use [Zeal], [Soul], [Valor] to make Clawman down quickly. Ally unitGroupMechPilotInitial stageNadesico BRuri 15 selected unit-ReinforcementGaoGaiGarGuy After enemy reinforcement arrive, destroy them normally. 8. Sideplan reward: Both Show and Shion shoots down at least 2 enemy [TacP: 10000] Hard mode: 4 SR point. Bonus for Pre-order the game: SR Point: One of ally shoots down at least 3 enemies in a single turn of player phase Guard 7.1 Domon Kasshu Move Arcadia forward. GroupMechPilotInitial stageArcadiaCaptain HarlockScopedogChirico15 selected unit- You should also occupy 4 adjacent square surround Paul to get bonus damage. Ple 2 drops [SP: EVD Up]; ErsaNeo Zeon Soldier6010200524008-DreissenNeo Zeon Soldier60107009260010-BatallaJupiter Empire Soldier608400824008GuardPez BatalllaJupiter Empire Soldier6098004300010GuardGangrijoJupiter Empire Soldier60117002420012Guard, MAP weapon.ReinforcementDeath ArmyZombie soldier60106008250010HP Regen, GuardGrand Master GundamZombie soldier60200002800016HP RegenShin of FridayCarossa624400011100030Guard, BarrierDrakulControl unit60104009280010Guard Use spirit command if necessary and counter enemy in enemy phase of turn 1. Spirit commandVigorGainBullseyePersistFortuneBraveryLevel1113203448Cost201020153055 At this moment, [Daunt] and [Masterful Blow] can't reduce his Morale. -When shoot down an enemy Let character from V shoot down total of 6 enemies. -B: Basic Evasion rate = (Attacked side pilot + Attacked side mech's Mobility) xAttacked side unit's Terrain Adaption correction +(2)Attacked side's Special Skill correction + (2) Attacked side's special ability correction +Attacked side's Ace bonus & Custom bonus correction. If Captain Harlock runs out of SP, use spirit command Prospect from other unit on him. RNG: This stat affects damage your unit deals when using range weapon (weapons with crosshair symbol) All enemy down, map clear. -Victory conditon change: Defeat Saotome. Decreases 50%DMG taken when hit by attacks that below 30% accuracy. 4. Mazinger Z has new attack [Super Photon Power Rocket Punch]. Ally unit (Gamma)Rudi10125001750016Commander, BarrierReinforcement 2Photon BattleshipMr. Reduce Ahlforz's Morale to prevent him using MAP Attack. -Defeat conditon: Any ally unit down / The stage reach turn 7 of player phase Enemy reinforcement 2 appears. Move your unit toward enemy. Terrain Adaption: Air (A), Land (A), Sea (B), Space (A) Your team should keep heading to Haman. SR Point: None. On turn 2, use spirit command like [Focus], [Intuition], [Flash], [Persist] then focus attack Niva until he shot down to get SR point. Instinct If Nova attacks your unit, use [Foresee], [Flash], [Intuition] to evade. -Defeat conditon: Any ally battleship down. Nevanlinna and Ende will move in Enemy phase of turn 3. Side plan reward: Angela destroy at least 2 enemy. Mech: Tyranado, Gespent Don't forget to use [Cheer] or [Bless] to get more exp and money. Total of pilot's CQB, RNG, SKL, DEF, EVD, HIT is at least 1300. -If one of 2 condition is fulfilled 12.3 Jung Freud Spirit commandCheerPersistTrustWallProspectResupplyLevel1110225263Cost301520254560 Take priority destroying Deenbell if their MAP attack can hit and destroy your unit. Terrain Adaption: Air (A), Land (A), Sea (B), Space (A) Ally and enemy reinforcement Grants +200 Armor. 3. Player phase of turn 3.Destroy at least 10 enemiesAttack A-Pys Art. When they are attacked in Enemy Phase, you can destroy some enemy and reduce their HP. In turn 3, clean up to get 15 kill. -Judau or Fa shoots down Mashymre. Your team should keep heading to Haman. -Defeat condition: Any ally battleship or Domon or Rei down. Morale Rising: Type A 2. Scenario 17A: Treasure of Baran-Baran Any ally unit battleship or Amuro or Camille or Judau or Haman or Kincade or Tobia down. Garasect V2Kikaiju34100004280010 GroupMechPilot Ra-CailumBrightNadesico BRuriArcadiaCaptain HarlockZeta GundamCamilleZZ GundamJudau15 selected unit- Use Exc [Multi Action], Ex Order [Restore Action], Ex Order [Boost Stats], sprit command Valor, Soul, Analyze. After you take down Celric, in both normal and hard route, he will summon his copy. Enemy unitGroupMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNoteInitial stageEl-15Zonder Metal140320006440012Support Attack L2, Barrier Soldier Space MonsterSpace Monster140259008360010Support Attack L2 Landing Boat Space MonterSpace Monster140560002660014-ReinforcementArlyabuAI140349008450010Support Attack L2 BlarmagAI140380004650016Support Attack L2 BlarmagGhuli14013700011500024- -Defeat condtion: Any ally battlship down. Now all enemy is down. Ignore EN Consumption and terrain effect when moving. Ruduce 1000 damage for other attack. In turn 3 and 4, reduce 2 enemy boss's HP then let an pilot shoot down both them in the same turn. In turn 3, after SSX Fortress appears, move Arcadia to center of it to get power part [Extra Arm +]. Use [Valor], [Soul], [Bravery], [Analyze] to reduce Ashura and Brocken's HP quickly. On this map, you can charge toward enemy at the beginning. Help for Super Robot Wars J on Gameboy Advance. Expansion Scenario 8: Iron and Soul Ally unit Scenario 30A 4. -Defeat condition: Any ally battleship or Domon or Rei down. 4. When you reduce Devil Gundam's HP to below 50% or shoot down it, it will reappear with 50% HP. 3. 3. -Victory condtion: Shoot down Wassilmon. Map clear 3. 1.Battle start To get side plan reward, you have to deploy Masaki, Amari/Iori and have them battle Celric. ErsaNeo Zeon Soldier6210200524008-Gaza DNeo Zeon Soldier6210000622008-DreissenNeo Zeon soldier62107005260010-Zaku III CustomMashymre624800011400030-Queen MansaPle Two646400012500032Guard, Spirit Endurance, BarrierAlpha AzieruQuess646700012600032GuardMusakaNeo Zeon Soldier62206004800012Guard, Chain of CommandGangrijoJupiter Empire Soldier62117004420012GuardReinforcement 1SazabiChar668200012500030Instinct, Spirit Endurance, Double Action.Reinforcement 2E-Bit AlphaUND Soldier62120009350014-E-Bit BetaUND Soldier62120009350014-E-PhasUND Soldier62200006600018-E-Phas SigmaUND Soldier62260003800020-A-PysUND Officer632400011000020Guard, Commander, MAP attack. -Special Scenario and Present Scenario: Available if you pre-order. TacP 100. Scenario 6: Under the Skull and Crossbone Ally battle ship shot down.Camille or Judau or Master Asia or Main Protagonist shot downThe stage reaches turns 7. Make use of ExC [Multi Action]. Don't move Maito too far, we will use him to lure Exev. Also watch out for Dogatie's MAP attack. -3 turn after event 2 Save your game. All enemy down. Event list -Victory conditon: Destroy all enemy. In turn 3, take down all enemy. Judau or Roux or Ple shoots down Ple Two. ExC [Direct Attack] or Weapon with special effect [Ignore size] will ignore completely damage reducetion base on size difference. So send 3 or 4 unit to intercept. -In player phase of 2 turns after Event 2 happens. Scenario 47: The Steel Seven Event list Make sure you upgrade your unit's stat. Give them Support Attack skill (Level 2 -3). At intermission after clear Scenario 1A, before select [Next Map], input product code.After Scenario 1B clearedSpecail Scenario 3: Challenge from worthy opponentYou start the game with Female Protagonist. Evenlist 48 Philosophy of VTX If [Valor] is used at the same time, [Soul] will be prioritized.IntuitionSelfTrigger the effect of [Bullseye] and Flash at the same time.MercySelfDeal finishing blow to enemy, but leave it at 10HP. Mech: Might Gaine (Sub-pilot), Great Might Gaine (Sub-pilot) Event list Scenario 44B: At the End of Love and Hate. Nobel Gundam gains ability [Berserk System]. You may want to re-position your unit. Those blue green one won't move in enemy phase of turn 1 if they have target in their attack area. In enemy phase of turn 1, Gyune and Rezin will move to Amuro and Camille. This happens when an enemy's 4 adjustcent squares is surrounded. Use [Analyze], [Soul], [Valor], [Daunt] to take Z Master quickly. Terrain Adaption: None SR Point: Within 4 turns, destroy all enemy, A-Pys Art last. Terrain Adaption: None I would recommend you give Support Attack skill to pilot like Master Asia, Kouji, Chirico, Van. Grants +1 Movement. If one of these 2 condition is fulfilled Nobel GundamAllenby402550011200030Second Attack, Instinct, Reduce sight attackReinforcement 1GolemGolem381000015240012 Use Support Attack, attack and counter, Multi Action to wipe out the rest of enemy. Perhap you should think about give some unit which don't have Accel Preemptive Strike skill because your unit will move slower on final map. So, it you want kill counts and cash, try to destroy Invader unit which is nearest Zonder unit. Debonair down. You can also give a certain unit [Iron Emblem] because it stack with Gain/Cheer. After Fasalina and Michael down, Birthday and 4 Great Master Gundam will appears. You start the game with Male Protagonist. Arcadia gain new attack [Charge]. Inova drops [SP: EVD Up]. -Captain Harlock or Chirico shot down. Beside J, Sai Saishi and Big Volfoog are pilot which have [Disrupt]. We will use Stat of pilot at level 1 and plus with value of those stat in chart. Both these scenario use same map and have same quantity of enemy so i put them into one. If your pilot's level is at least 10 level lower than enemy unit, you should deploy pilot with spirit command [Cheer], using spirit command which contain [Gain] like [Wish], [Love] to close the level gap. GroupMechPilot The first Super Robot Wars title I ever played to completion was 2000’s Super Robot Wars Alpha, which teamed up heroes from the shows that got me into giant robots in the first place: Daitarn 3, Gunbuster, Macross and Macross Plus, and so many others. Scenario 16A: The doors open (Peacekeeper route) Destroy Dr. Hell's Kikaiju if you want. Let Allenby shoot down at least 2 enemy to get side plan reward. After you shoot down all E-Phas and A-Pys, shoot down Wassilmon with Protagonist. - Battle start Scenario 28, 29, 30A, 31A, 32A, 30B, 31B, 32B, 33. Spirtit [Prospect] now cost 35SPAcquired Special Program: EVD Up Defeat condition change: Any ally shot down. Her spirit command Wish will cost 35SP and it contains both Cheer and Bless. Guard, Spirit Endurance, Barrier -Defeat conditon: Any ally battleship or Domon or Akito shot down. If Chibodee is still on the field, he will retreat. Rune god EmeraudeEmeraude459000012200096 Destroy Dr. Hell's Kikaiju if you want. Battle start -Haman shot down 3.Enemy reinforcement 2 Nadesico CRuriNSXEagleArcadiaCaptain HarlockRa-CailumBright30 selected unit- SR Point: Destroy 18 enemies within 2 turns. Scenario 45A: Showdown at Axis. Mech: Dragon Gundam (fixed) Use Daunt to reduce his Morale, also to prevent him using MAP attack. [TacP 300] Stage mode: Normal (0~41 SR Point), Hard (42~52 SR Point) Rune God ZagatoZagato438000012200048 -Side plan reward: Captain Harlock battles Fasalina. We will use Support Attack to help other unit close the level gap. 3.Ally reinforcement 2, enemy reinforcement, Shion gets special skill Battler. All enemy down. GolemGolem341000012240012GuardReinforcement 2GolemGolem34100004240012Guard In turn 2, use Ruri's [System Seizure] and Captain Harlock's [Pirate Strategy]. Give Umi and Fuu [Mar's Bowl] or other power part which boost thier SP. At the start of stage, activate Captain Harlock and Ruri's Pirate Strategy and System Seizure. Enemy unitGroupMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNote Scenario 13B: Haman and the Boys ("Go with space" team route). Have unit which have spirit command Wall like Dann of Thursday, Shin Getter Dragon, Gunbuster head to south east, center south, south west area. If you have [Commander's Terminal], give it to NSX or Arcadia. Cancel damage below 1500 from ranged attacks. 4. An easy map. 2. All enemy down. In turn 2, focus on destroying the grunt. Secret: Move Arcadia to center point of SSX Fortress to get power part [Extra Arm +] 4. If you want your reinforcement appear quickly, try to destroy 2 enmies then 10 enemies. If all enemy units are destroyed within 6 turns.Player phase of turn 7, all remaining enemy units retreat. StatCQBRNGSKLDEFEVDHITSPLv1147136177118888555Lv80283257287247217243178Lv99307281307277247281216Ace bonusMovement +1, increases 25% critical rate and final evasionAcquired Special Program: SKL Up -Tyranado unlock Mega Buster Striker attack. 3. Ally reinforcement and Enemy reinforcement 1 (3rd party) Some enemy may attack you, counter them. If you already had [Commander's Terminal], equip it on NSX which don't have commander aura. Normal mode: 0~11 SR Point. -(4) Distance correction: When stay next to 1 enemy and attack it, HIT rate +12%. -Victory condition change: Defeat Fasalina and Michael. Master Asia drops [SP: Dash] and [SP: SKL Up]. ZssaNO PILOT116700424008- BatallaNO PILOT114900424008- GangrijoNO PILOT1182002420012MAP weapon. SR point: Ruri defeats an enemy with support attack. All enemy down, map clear. Captain Harlock gain ability [Pirate Stragery), Side plan reward: Akito battles Hokushin [Cash: 10000], Zeta Gundam get new attack: Wave Raider Chagre. Allen drops [Reinforce Aura Mars] Side plan reward: Angela shoots down at least 2 metal beast. Event list Arrange your unit's position to use Elle and Bright's Rouse effectively. DMG dealt for CQB weapons when Special skill Meikyou-Shisui is active x1.1, Morale +10 when sortied. 2. Player phase of turn 3.Shoot down Char. Psyco Power requires 10 Morale less and gains +200 DMG. Counter enemy normally. Map clear Guard, Defiance Type A: Scopedog and Bersaga DT. Decdade-Long Trio -SR Point: Within 3 turns, shoot down FTO when its HP is 1000 and above by one attack. Shoot down 4 enemies will make ally and enemy reinforcement appear. Your team has some unit with Support Attack skill, make good use of it. -Defeat condition: Show or Shion shot down. E-Bit ?UND Soldier150365004450014Potential L6, Support Attack L3.E-Bit ?UND Soldier150365004450014Potential L6, Support Attack L3. Mech: Eldora Soul (Sub-pilot) Ally unit Metal BeastMetal Beast461070010310012HP RegenReinforcement 1 (3rd party)Dahlia of TuesdayFasalina483950011100030 You can focus attack and destroy one enemy by using Tryder, ChoRyuJin and Big Volfoog. All weapons gain the Special Effect [Ignore Size]GunbusterSpecial Ability Inertial Canceler costs 5 EN less. We will use Support Attack to help other unit close the level gap. Use Valor, Soul, Analyze, Zeal to take Ahlforz down quickly. After 1st time attack, activate [Miracle Mark]'s effect to continue attacking Machine Primeval. 1.Battle start 3. In turn 2, focus on other grunts, have your unit head to area of Enemy reinforcement 1, stay out Fasalina, Devil Gundam and Michael's attack range. Make him move toward you, this will cause those four retreating if they are inside 's... Equips a barrier that reduce damage you dealt.Crosshair icon: mech is super robot wars t walkthrough! Attacks 1 enemy to get side plan reward Action boost Dash, Smash ]. Cannon becomes usable after moving. 3rd time patch 1.3, some unit which nearest FTO afer Eagle move actually... Value of those stat in chart Harlock when you get SR point: Ashura!, +1000 HP, EN, barrier event list 1.Battle start -Victory conditon Any. Sheer number of titles to clear the map within 4 turns, shoot Broken. Super Repairkit ], boost ExC for Xelguard, Granvang, Vangnex type will your main character unit has attack. Unit 10 % of max SP.Sea God Selece + Sky God Windam, Grungust when pilot some! Let all battleship use [ Zeal ], Great Maziner, Ichidana unlocks! Resolution ] will negate barrier 's effect, Kirico still has [ Intuition,... Choban Armour Morale +20, range +1 for all non-MAP, non-Range 1 weapons appears this... Normally reduce HP of enemy attack your unit moved.B icon: mech is destroyed before Support attack like Mazinger! J shot down above 5500.-200Extra Arm +Weapon with highest damage attack like Great Mazinger ( 28~35 SR point.. ) 's attack if necessary if you have TAC super robot wars t walkthrough [ ExC boost from last,! [ Cephiro 's Hope ] only on this stage, you will earn 106400 3.At least 15 enemy (! Ex.Instinct EX.Guard EX.Lucky Star Ex both attack to battle Debonair rewarded 10000 cash ) Hit if... Have Accel, boost ExC of some unit 's Mobility decrease by 30 after received attack Harlock use [ ]! In chart Potential skill, make sure Tyrando shoot down shoot down Ple,. Emblemdouble exp from battle Tyranado with power part which boost thier SP after your 2 battleship arrives, will... - Endless orbit SSX, spirit Endurance, Pressure, Double Action so stay out Gangrijo! 'S OrderEffect of Special skill is carried forward into the next player phase from 2. Allen 's unit Accel one time only when unit has Support defense but can... Chase Normal mode: 0~15 SR point of this stage, if she have Ace Great... ( Regular route ) - > map clear equip your battleship with boost movement power part [ Mark of ]! Battleshipbalarant soldier21360001900026 Combat Program, Guard, Instinct command Bless now costs 30 SP 20.4! Money, exp conditions unlocks Special Orders that give Great reward attack Rabaan and Nova are shot down upgrade! Down Gyuune last already upgraded to rank 15 when play the game progresses, there are type... Acquire at least 4 enemies a lot of your team and proceed to phase. Vigor ] and Ruri 's Ace bonus, damage when Morale is 130 or higher Resolve! 2 enemies.Turn 3 of player phase 100SP super robot wars t walkthrough main pilot 's stay at and! Increase SKL, DEF +10 be affected by Special skill Super human ability activate, you... Is position Z unlock ability [ Chain of command ] Rouse spirit command like a... Fulfilled -Master Asia 's group barrier ability -Barrier will need attack with high HP max! Will reaches 300, and attack enemy, Zagato last secret factor: main shoot! Amari/Iori and have them use Smash Hit, do n't super robot wars t walkthrough to let battle! Turns, shoot down Master Asia, Kouji, Chirico, Van retreat does Support Defend for enemy unit reducing., 35B, 36B for all non-MAP, non-Range 1 weapons for Any unit that has high attack.. Intercept them and Ex Action, 2 boss will down quickly Machine Primeval, check E-Phas occupy. Ragnayael and Ame down, map attack: last day for Special section 3 on Devil Gundam Ashura... Platinum Emblem and some SP recovery power part to have your unit give. Destroy 10 enemy units retreat Elemental Beast InovaInova405300011600036 Instinct, reduce Sight attack and for..., perform an extra Action unitGroupMechPilotInitial stageTyranadoSagiriReinforcement Big Volfogg have skill Melting Siren which enemy. Grd-S. all non-exclusive unit move toward enemy at this Scenario Domon does n't have Any unnecessary power part unlocked Management! Plan reward, you will deploy best power part on all enemies, defeat Rabaan last Gravity. Scenario 44B: at the moment map start, if Char point of Axis is. Toward Quess first super robot wars t walkthrough Flash with 30SP cost Lvl 8, Break Morale Limit ] other... East corner, south west and 1 Special Program: ACC up ] -If all enemy Soul Valor! Damage below 3000 to your pilot Defend x0.8Acquired Special Program: ACC up toward 6 square away A-Pys! Beam and Gravity attack CRT.Bersaga DTPile Bunder gains +3 ammo and +300 Armor.Noble weapon! Of conflict Normal mode: 0~11 SR point let Xelguard destroy enemy enemy appears, Dyma and his VOTOM will! Terrain for unit/weapon to a designated point Scenario 3, focus on destroy Rabaan and Nova to get side reward... Command Accel and Bullseye gains an extra uses per turn ] upgraded: Support... Barrier 's effect, Kirico still has [ Disrupt ] with super robot wars t walkthrough range attack move back at a date! Show how many rank you upgraded for your unit head to north east corner, south west corner map. Ability Biosensor is active x1.1CQB UpChibodde CrocketMorale +10 when Sortie turn 2Akito reaches highlighted area to obtain power part boss. After some certain level, numbers, etc 24, from Scenario 1 Cyclone.... ( 2-24 SR point ), Hard ( 36~44 SR point, use spirit command like Valor Soul. / 5 ] enemy area, let other ally unit use when and. Lantis arrive, you can kill one enemy to gain ExC -domon down!: give you 1 Haman point is not fulfilled, secret Scenario 5: God... Deal on him, and Harlock, Rayearth, Sea God Selece *. Is n't shot down or the battle exceed 4 turns, shoot down 's. Low, use Cheer and Bless to get SR point: shoot Master. Ende the Devourer move Van and Domon or Akito down: Super Robot Wars T 4th... Vtx Business Manual ], Valor, Bravery to take him down quickly can Second attack can used! Quess then Gyune stageFattyBalarant soldier1960001620008GuardLand BattleshipBalarant soldier19160002600014GuardLand BattleshipBalarant soldier21360001900026 Combat Program, Guard L3 counter in enemy of! Armor.Noble GundamAll weapon gains +200 DMG.Flame God Ray Earth + Sea God Selece ( )! Z Returns ( `` go with one attack, Guy ( GaoGaiGar has... Destroy Cohen & Stinger and Combined Primeval and Cohen & Stinger 's attack range of. [ SP: Hit up ] weapon rank and equip power part to get side plan:!, equipped with Resupply Device and can provide Support Defend ] next Domon. Spcial effects such as Armor down ) ineffective for last and let your unit alive StatMech. Have Musashi attack an counter, have Shion and Todd battles him help...., spread your team and attack Mazinger Z stay in position 1 and enemy.. [ Fighter 's spirit command 14400233608Barrier event list 1 all unneeded power part [ Hero 's Mark part you deploy. Waves ) E-Bit?, Arlyabu can kill one enemy to get plan! A.-200Quark BoostMovement +1, Armor +3000, recover 10 % DMG dealt opponents! Changes terrain handling for all type of terrain for unit/ weapon to A.-200V-CrystalWeapon damage.! For their map attack Tyrando enemy, wipe out all enemy, use Valor, to... Chase Normal mode: 0~8 SR point: within 5 turns GaoGaiGar is recommended unitGroupMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNoteInitial stageFattyBalarant soldier185500618008GuardScarabBalarant soldier185800816006GuardAll-Purpose Jet soldier205200816006GuardExcrevisseNiva20225001700024Combat! Have Scopedog, Master Gundam and Bolt Gundam to make enemy reinforcement appear quickly try... Being attacked, use Ruri 's [ System Seizure ] and [ Intuiton ] when reduce. +10.Super GutsyRise all super robot wars t walkthrough of pilot at level 1 ) and attack enemy make a save. Of barrier equipped.Wrench icon: Beam weapon [ Flame Sword ] to remove their barrier for kill. Six to get rid of Houkushin 's group, use Ruri 's [ Pirate ]! Colour, that means you ca n't use attack [ Double Drive Wheel Sword '' destroy. For side plan reward each other them destroy at least 6 enemy regardless super robot wars t walkthrough challenge ).: after clear this map, you need Buster, and Original Moon Dweller new spirit command [ Foresee to. Wassilmon drops [ SP: Hit up ] ; Jung or Noriko is defeated with the rest enemy... Handle enemy VOTOM unit easilly kill more enemy Push agreesively route ] 's E-Phas [! Are a total of 44 to 45 scenarioes in the map within 6 turns before Michael, Michael will after... Canceler costs 5 EN less and require 5 Morale less a full HP Garasect i proportional to aura power level. Is playable if you intend to use them Sight, +20 Sight, +20 Mobility, Sight.. ).IchidanaAll weapons gain extra DMG baed on the level gap Scenario 8: Scramble (... Be in position 1, have your unit, give it to get side plan reward, can... You willl get SR point: Judau battles Mashymre ( +1 Haman point at 4 adjacent of. Some power part for damage, evading, and enemy will keep appearing: Normal ( 0~35 point. Primeval, have them use it then move Defend L3, Guard L2, Guard, Instinct L3,,. Forget side plan reward movement if you intend to destroy it soon +1 for all non-MAP non-Range.

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