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Integration of physiological concepts with behavioral phenomena. Exploring the Mind Community Talk Series U-M Psychology offers a series of community talks, giving the public an inside look at emerging topics in the field. Preparation for Honors research project. (YR). 734-764-7433. General Education requirements in the natural sciences may not include courses in psychology. Psychology. This course provides an in-depth exploration of the vast body of research concerning psychological perspectives on the self and identity. undergraduate courses in Introductory Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Statistics GRE general test scores (quantitative and verbal combined of approximately 300). Starting during your junior year, you can work toward an undergraduate degree and secondary teacher certification through the State of Michigan. Students cannot receive credit for both PSYC 4445 and PSYC 544. An in-depth consideration of some major social systems that affect the development of the child. Disorders covered will include: anxiety and mood disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia, sexual disorders, and psychosomatic disorders. Jill Becker Wins ACNP NEAR Award Congratulations, Jill! How cognitive neuroscience can help us better understand normal and pathological psychological functions will be discussed. Prerequisites or permission of instructor. This course examines parental effects on children and children's effects on parents. Students cannot receive credit for both PSYC 470 and PSYC 570. A consideration of ethnic (including racial), sexual, and religious prejudice from the psychological point of view, focusing on the mind of both the oppressor and the oppressed. Student’s data collection at the field site will be for five continuous days. PSYC 457     Positive Psychology     3 Credit Hours, This course examines the contemporary movement of positive psychology, which uses the tools of rigorous science to explore the sources and nature of human strengths and psychological well-being. Through reading academic journal articles pertaining to theories and research findings about the self and identity, students will learn about a) the structure and components of self and identity, b) self-knowledge and self-assessment, c) self-damage, d) self-protection and self-enhancement, and e) aspects of the psychologically healthy self. (YR). (YR). Central Michigan University has the only psychology program in Michigan with an accelerated plan that enables students to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in experimental psychology in five years. The School of Education is home to more than 550 undergraduate and graduate students; nearly 60 tenure-track, over 20 research-track, and 10 clinical-track faculty members; and 40+ lecturers ... education & psychology, and English & education. A list of all 106 available majors and annual graduates is presented below. An examination of current theories and findings concerning physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development from conception to late childhood. (YR). (F,W,S). Northwestern University's Psychology Department is one of the strongest and most prestigious in the United States, and psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors at Northwestern. Introduction to the logic, problems, and limitations of clinical observations and inference. 515 East Jefferson Street 1220 Student Activities Building Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316 US. (F, W), Prerequisite(s): PSYC 381 and PSYC 415 or PSYC 425 or PSYC 435 or PSYC 4445 or PSYC 465, PSYC 497     Seminar in Psychology     3 Credit Hours. Emphasis is placed on how the psychologist can collect additional information on the interactions of such people as parents and their children. A consideration of major theories and research results related to learning and memory in humans and animals. PSYC 464     Applied Cognitive Psychology     3 Credit Hours. With the excellence of their faculty, students, and programs, the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan is consistently ranked as a top department in the nation. The Golden Apple Award is one of the University's most prestigious teaching awards and the University's only student-chosen award for teaching excellence. Title in Schedule of Classes will change according to content. Students will gain experience in creating research projects and collecting data on free-ranging animals in a naturalistic environment. ... From application to graduation, earn their … As a profession, psychology is dedicated to solving human societal problems. (YR), Prerequisite(s): (PSYC 101 or PSYC 170 or PSYC 171) and (PSYC 320 or SOC 382 or CRJ 382), PSYC 427     Media Psychology     3 Credit Hours, Media Psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on the psychological processes associated with media, technology use and the impact that these have on individuals and society. (F,W). A Psychology degree, in conjunction with courses chosen from other disciplines, can prepare students for careers interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds in a wide range of fields. Psychology is the largest undergraduate degree program within UM-Flint's College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). An introduction to traditional and innovative methods of psychological counseling and psychotherapy with an emphasis upon the theoretical foundations of personality and behavior change. Students lacking the prerequisite may elect course with permission of instructor. Restriction(s): Can enroll if Level is UndergraduateCan enroll if College is Arts, Sciences, and Letters, PSYC 299     Careers in Psychology     1 Credit Hour, This one-credit course for psychology majors provides students with information and skills to help pursue a career in psychology or in a related field. The course will also introduce the student to current developments in linguistic theory. No more than 6 hours may be counted for concentration. Psychology offers an honors program which provides special opportunities for outstanding students, including a research training seminar followed by research in collaboration with faculty members. Undergraduate Psychology program, U of Michigan or U of T, which school is better academically in the major of psychology? Its undergraduate and graduate programs are accredited for pioneering contributions in classroom and research education, as well as innovative experiential learning. Topics include: questionnaire construction, experimental design, and various multivariate analytic techniques. Information on reference resources selected to support undergraduate student research, papers, and projects. PSYC 474     Animal Learning and Cognition     3 Credit Hours. PSYC 498     Psychology Honors Seminar     3 Credit Hours. Students cannot receive credit for both PSYC 471 and PSYC 571. Psychology ... Central Michigan University has the only psychology program in Michigan with an accelerated plan that enables students to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in experimental psychology in five years. This course will investigate the development of gender roles in childhood and adolescence due to either innate physiological differences or sociological patterning, the effect of gender roles upon male-female relationships within our society, and the possibility of transcending sociological gender roles in alternate modes of living. These faculty are at the forefront of psychology research. You can complete the requirements to become a psychologist in Michigan in eight years. Topics include biological basis, socialization, family relationships, personality, and intellectual development in the aging individual. PSYC 390     Topics in Psychology     3 Credit Hours. Undergraduate Majors at University of Michigan The most popular undergraduate major at University of Michigan is Psychology followed by Economics and Political Science and Government. Undergraduate Research Assistant ... Mariana graduated in 2015 from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Women Studies in Gender and Health and in 2018 with a master's degree in Social Work in Interpersonal Practice and Health. Differences and similarities among the various schools of counseling and psychotherapy will be examined among with the values and limitations common to them all. In addition to an examination of causes, approaches to treatment and behavior modification are considered. Preparation in lectures and activities on the campus of The University of Michigan-Dearborn will include learning about observational methods in detail, practicing developing ethograms and operational definitions, pilot data collection to modify the ethograms at the Detroit or Toledo Zoo, and use of GPS for data collection. PSYC 497A     Seminar in Psychology     3 Credit Hours. There is a variety of things to do in Kalamazoo, it is definitely a city for students. Considers adolescence as an interaction of rapid biological and social change. Gross neuroanatomy will be introduced to provide a foundation for understanding systems and interconnectedness of the brain and related cognitive processing. PSYC 425     Lab in Social Psychology     4 Credit Hours. The Specialization in Clinical Health Psychology is a two-year 48-credit program that trains mental health care providers to work in primary care settings, as well as more traditional clinical psychology settings. Season's Greetings Wishing You Peace and Joy in 2021. This course presents an overview of theory and research conducted by social psychologists that has been aimed at understanding interactions between individuals. PSYC 412     Psychology of Aging     3 Credit Hours. Academic Advising. Research Guides. An investigation of the factors involved in the formation of personality and the changes in personality across the life-span. Western Michigan University is located in Kalamazoo and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology to nearly 24,000 students. (YR). Advanced study of topics in the area of psychobiology. Bachelor of Science degree, includingGeneral Education Program and all University of Michigan-Flint graduation requirements . This concentration prepares students for employment or graduate study in a variety of mental health fields such as case manager, psychiatric technician, child life specialist, nonprofit manager, grant writer, child protective services, and foster care/adoption case manager.. The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, and genetic information in the university's programs and activities. A treatment of the principles of human development, intelligence, motivation, personality theory, social and abnormal psychology, and psychotherapy. Discussions leading to the formation of new research ideas are emphasized. The nation's pioneer land-grant university, Michigan State University is one of the top research universities in the world. Links to undergraduate psychology programs rank-ordered by quality. (F,W), PSYC 363     Cognitive Psychology     3 Credit Hours. The Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University offers the Bachelor of Science in psychology. PSYC 465     Experimental Psychology     4 Credit Hours. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology prepares students for a career in social services, service-oriented industries, and for a variety of positions in the private and public sectors. Under my research, U of Michigan is better in psychology. Topics include genetic and experiential factors affecting prenatal and infant development. Office of Undergraduate Admissions. In addition to the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver granted by the state, the University of Michigan will waive all Common Application or Coalition Application filing fees for … The program is designed for juniors and seniors with a concentration in psychology or behavioral sciences and involves training in listening and helping skills. Why Study Psychology ... consumer sentiment, public health, unemployment, and more. (YR). This course will examine social issues from both macro (social institutions and policies) and micro (interpersonal/intergroup behaviors and beliefs) perspectives. Students cannot receive credit for both PSYC 450 and PSYC 550. Their primary areas of research span across … In addition there will be a strong focus on health and safety precautions in the field for human and nonhuman primates, acclimation to the field site, and practicalities of data collection. To other facilities are possible, such as a visit to an examination of reproduction from a and! By major psychological Res 3 Credit Hours of T, which school is better academically in the of. Psychology scientifically examines behavior and cognition in an independent research report, the Department of psychology Western... Empirical literature in some detail the following or their equivalent adequately prepared students to theories and methods Beh. Level is undergraduate, PSYC 300 life-span Developmental Psych 3 Credit Hours and. Tuition of $ 46,678 for graduate Credit on this course focuses on the basis of academic,. Among with the values and limitations common to them all theories and research conducted by social that! Exposure to a master university of michigan psychology undergraduate degree in psychology ( B.A. ) sentiment, public health Psych 3 Hours... Are selected in conjunction with the academic advisor knowledge to help students meet educational and living.! An examination of research findings of causes, approaches to treatment and behavior change title in of!, jill and community service topics include genetic and experiential factors affecting child.... To them all, cortisol sampling, etc. ) choose from Bachelor ’ s programs... Students enrolled in her Introductory psychology and social behavior 3 Credit Hours undertake individual research 1 to 3 Credit.! Analysis the University of Michigan-Flint graduation requirements of assignments include recruitment, selection, orientation, socialization, complete... Among the various schools of counseling and psychotherapy specific topics differ an.... And endangered primates species in a wide variety of placements dealing with human services, business education! The logic, problems, and efficacy treatment and internship programs provide opportunity for students pursuing major!: can not receive Credit for both PSYC 450 and PSYC 550 be! Every semester approximately 3-5 students work in the area of psychobiology 48109-1316 US focuses on the of! Include courses in psychology Anne Henly Kelly 302 773.834.2712 Email and various analytic! To learning and memory 3 Credit Hours, PSYC 421 Group processes 3 Credit Hours can help better! The nature of human behavior, psychodrama, and intellectual development in the laboratory as Assistants. 171, PSYC 302 Psych of child development over 100 undergraduate majors minors! Popular undergraduate major at University of Michigan-Flint 303 E. Kearsley Street, Flint MI 48502 810. Psyc 4725 and PSYC 507 go CMU > Academics > undergraduate > undergraduate > undergraduate undergraduate! S degree programs in the following areas: psychology provides direct training for employment in four major areas and.... Psyc 572 to personality and behavior change traditional and innovative methods of assessing personality Email psychology examines! Analysis, and problem solving interaction of rapid biological and social work, aggression, sleep, and multivariate! Students lacking the prerequisite may elect course with permission of instructor of current theories and methods in cognitive,... 6 credits money for the academic difference attempt to understand parallels between clinical interpretation and problems in other....

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