weather in egypt in january 2021

Visiting both of them for 5 or 6 days should be great. Give me a bit more info and I’ll be happy to help. Indonesia I’m always happy to hear that readers think I’m providing useful information. Where would you go? Thank you and it’s good to hear that most of this stuff feels accurate to other experienced travelers. Valencia Thanks! With all that you mention my first thought is Argentina, which of course has summer in January. If that sounds too warm for you and you don’t mind going to an island south of Europe, you might consider Tenerife, which is the largest of the Canary Islands. . Best of luck. There aren’t a lot of indoor activities there, but at least it’s beautiful and you should have okay internet connections at some hotels. Best of luck with this. Even in high season, prices here should be at least a bit below those in Buenos Aires, so it will feel like a bargain for most foreign visitors. Phuket (I’ve spent a lot of time there) is lined with lovely beaches and it’s huge, but honestly it’s pretty much a generic vacation factory. provides a tool to help you decide on your next holiday destination. Or should we scratch that and try for another time when we have more time? United Arab Emirates Hi Roger Cesky Krumlov, Spain and Italy are far enough south that the weather in January is actually nice enough to enjoy the outdoors most days. If you want a place in Bali that is nicer, more beautiful, and far less crowded (not to mention a bit cheaper) you could go to Lovina along the northern coast. The Caribbean resorts are much larger than the Pacific ones, which is why I mention them more often. Best of luck with whatever you end up with. I hope this helps. -Roger. -Roger. Goa, Puerto Vallarta. But right now might not be the best time. Very helpful info, thank you! Please suggest something. -Roger. Check the rainy season in each place, of course, but I think you’ll be mostly dry in those months. There are dozens of other fairly similar options in Florida to consider instead, and all of them are half the price of Key West or less. I’ve yet to make it there myself, but I think it has all you want plus nearly everyone speaks English. >>>Goa prices The Angkor Wat temples are amazing, Costa Rica I found most family friendly. If you do it the other way around it can feel scary when prices have doubled in a new place. I went to Dubai last January, which was amazing, and believe it or not, quite affordable, . Thailand is the easiest, but Vietnam and Cambodia are cheaper. Hotels aren’t super cheap (you’ll need to spend at least US$50/night for something decent), but food and drinks are even cheaper than in Thailand. -Roger, I see most of people are reach, I wish to go to Peru but is very expensive sorry but for me cheap mean up to £500 p/p in two weeks holiday Thanks Roger anyway , Hi Roger-we are looking for long term properties to rent–8-12 weeks–where do you recommend that is warm and cheap? It’s a wonderful country with plenty to see and do, although it’s much easier if you speak at least some Spanish. 19°C max day temperature. We don’t want to spend more than $1200, live in the Los Angeles area, do not speak Spanish. Prices in Goa, as well as the rest of India, have been rising steadily in the past few years. I think both of your ideas are really good. The weather is obviously warm, and the city is quite cheap these days (and probably will be into 2017). While prices in Phuket may have gone down recently in Patong, there is no way they are among the cheapest in Thailand. >>>Check Bangkok and Thailand hotel prices. The weather is pretty much perfect in January with warm days, mild nights, and virtually no rain at all. And are you more interested in a city, or a beach, or something else? If it needs to be in the Southern Hemisphere then your choices are limited, but if it just needs to be warm you have far more choices. Roger, love these lists, read them all the time and find them very helpful and informative. Thanks January is peak season in Cape Town so finding hotel deals will be challenging, but still it's quite reasonably priced compared to Europe, North America, or Australia. As the most expensive part of Thailand, Phuket barely qualifies as cheap if you are detemined to stay in one of the many beach resorts in the posh towns. I’ll be happy to help if you give me a few more clues as to what you are after. I will most likely be solo backpacking but hope to meet people who I’ll travel with along the way. But I’m a big fan of PV and I really should write more about it. Vientiane So it’ll be warmer than here in the UK, but the beaches will be cold and windy. Guadeloupe, Jamaica Puerto Plata, I spent almost a month in Tenerife earlier this year and I have mixed feelings about it. Hi Roger Specifically, go to Tenerife, which is the largest and most English-friendly of the Canaries. I’m a bit skeptical, as a female traveler, but I’m also excited. India I spent 2 weeks on Boracay Island and if I wasn’t there doing research I would say it would be too long. I actually happen to also be based in Miami, although I’m going back on the road full-time in a week. The new trend is towards all-inclusive hotels, but you may not realize that they are mainly concentrated in only a few places. I’ll provide some comments in the order that the topics came up. Edinburgh, Nicaragua Me and my boyfriend would want to travel to somewhere warm/nice temperature in december 2017 or january 2018, for 5-6 days. The current state of the country/economic/political strife is making us seriously reconsider. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. He likes cities and culture – I like outdoor activities but him less so – so it’s a bit of a struggle finding holidays we both like – except sailing but caribeean too far for a week On a budget of US$35 per day I think you are in the right area in Vietnam or perhaps Cambodia and Laos. We’ve been to many places in the Americas… not so sure about the Asian countries, but might consider it. Based on everything else you’ve mentioned, I’d recommend southern Spain or Portugal. Im looking for a month long destination, somewhere warm and not busy with too many tourists. Vietnam has some nice beaches (Nha Trang most notably), but it is a bit more of a headache so it’s not the kind of place that people want to go back to every year. There’s also Fort Meyer’s Beach, Naples, Marco Island, and quite a few others in that area. You might have a look at the US State Department’s list of warnings and the status of each country. These days this is a busy winter resort and a busy summer resort, with a wide variety of water activities available. I like to have lots of good food, culture and beauty. Flights from almost anywhere will be fairly cheap this time of year, at least compared to Europe or most of the Caribbean. The good news is that the country is filled with great sights, including safaris, of course, and history, so a 2-week trip can still be affordable all things considered. What I’m unsure about is: getting around, language barrier, ability to be flexible and the crowd I’d expect to meet while backpacking. This is a tricky one. Warsaw And speaking Spanish helps, but in the beachy tourist areas you can get by well with just English. Any thoughts? In other words, if you want to explore Fez, Marrakech, or the Atlas Mountains, go to Morocco. Even southern Europe is quite chilly that month and the days are pretty short as well. Thank you for your earlier response. But since you mentioned Costa Rica I’ll assume you are in the US or Canada. I would like warm weather. Another one to consider is actually Puerto Rico. Honestly, the sorts of things that are going on there now have been going on for well over 10 years. First and foremost, I really appreciate the detailed precise information you share. The cheaper hotels will have much more of a local feel, while the 4-star beach resort hotels are mostly chains and offer a high level of luxury for the price. I am a 52 ur old single mom who is always traveling with my daughter, 9yrs old. -Roger. Actually, you could do Sharm el-Shiek on that budget and it is warm there. You have to fly into Manila or Cebu and then get another plane to one of the two airports near Boracay, and then take a ferry to the island itself. The peak season for all of Southeast Asia starts around Christmas and goes through February, so you won't be alone and prices are at their yearly peak. I plan to budget about $8-10k for the 2.5 months. [email protected] I want some place warm enough to be comfortable for a baby to travel around outside with me but not necessarily beach weather. Mar del Plata, >>>Dubai prices Any other suggestions? If you have an umbrella or a pancho you’ll still enjoy it in the rain, and when it’s wet they sell those things right when you get off the train. I’m therefore starting to look at Vietnam and Cambodia as I’ve done the whole Thailand thing a few times as well as Indonesia. Do you think this would significantly affect our trip? Her birthday is Jan 4th so I am looking for something close to that time from or a little after. You really only have to worry about rain once you arrive in Aguas Calientes on the train, and as long as you get at least a few dry hours while you are there, it should be very enjoyable. Maldives Great website, I was wondering if you had spent any time in Penang, Malaysia. Caye Caulker is a similar and smaller island even a bit closer to Belize City, and prices there are lower for hotels and for food. Id love a nice very safe little beach town where I can get sun and relax for a month. Get the monthly weather forecast for Cairo, Cairo, Egypt, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. -Roger, Hi Roger, it rains very little for your trip.With good weather conditions, the month of january is a good time to go there. Sri Lanka in January is ideal, as the temperatures are reasonable and there is very little rain (in most of the country). We are 2 guys that like outdoors activities, hiking and beaches. January 22, 2021 12:33 am Associated Press AP - National News. Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court Chancellor Hanafy Ali El Gebali was elected on Tuesday12/1/2021 as the new Speaker of Egypt’s House of representatives. It’s a really interesting mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures and it’s quite affordable for what you get. Any general idea of a budget for an apartment rental? Melbourne, The weather will be pretty much perfect with warm days, mild evenings and pretty much no chance of rain all month. Colombia Serbia I appreciate the comments. This grand scale may not be everyone's cup of tea but it allows these resorts to offer the best rates in the Caribbean for all-inclusive resorts and large full-service resorts in general. You can get fairly cheap nonstop flights from BA to everywhere else, of course. So I highly recommend it and I agree that it’s good value with a great climate. Nassau Any recommendations for Late February that may offer fishing as an option? Im in Miami but am open to suggestions on good/cheap places or events worth travelling to. But most of all it needs to be warm and dry (we are travelling from the rainiest city of Norway). They both sound more like backpacker destinations and I hope more people hear about them. Philippines The whole city center area, which is huge, is very nice and at least as safe as a US city. I appreciate the feedback and it’s good to know that my information (and some opinions) match up with others. Thanks so much Roger, very helpful advice! -Roger. I was thinking of Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City), since I love the food and it seems to be a popular choice. The difference is that Vietnam is more of a “cultural” destination, and Thailand is more of a “leisure” destination. Daily News Egypt January 2, 2021 Comments Off The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) has announced stable weather conditions across Egypt for a period of three days starting from Saturday. Roger you were so accurate in describing Thailand as a good place to spend a month or more. We have 2 weeks starting January 20th and are having a hard time deciding between Mexico and Colombia. Brighton is a beach town just south of London, and you could visit there without a car, but again, it’ll be chilly with short days that time of year. If you Google ‘Bali spiritual trip’ or things like that I’m sure you’ll find some options and most will probably be in or near Ubud. Montego Bay, Abu Dhabi, I have traveled a lot and have 2 weeks to venture somewhere from Melbourne… we were thinking 2 weeks in Bali (I also wanted to incorporate 1 week fitness camp, but no one seems to run them then! And taxi drivers are also a little harder to trust in that they are known to overcharge Westerners (not dangerous though). If you were willing to fly to Asia, then Thailand is the best choice for a first visit. I have no idea what you call cheap but my idea of it is up to £400pp for 7 days, You are the first person I’ve heard to say that Peru is really expensive. Interestingly, I spent 4 months in Vietnam a few years ago, and I arrived not long before Tet (Lunar New Year), which I spent in Hanoi. Venice It’s a great destination for a solo traveler because there are so many other solo folks in Bangkok and on the islands. Excellent review. That time of year the weather is perfect in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Laos. Also, when you want to book a bus or tour in Vietnam you usually do it in a local “travel agency” shop. Vietnam might be the best choice of these. does not rain (or really exceptionally) during this month. Your question in an interesting one. I plan to visit Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Thank you so much. And Malaga itself is quite an interesting city that is worth some time as well. Shanghai, It’s a tough month for cultural trips because the north is cold and dark. Many travel destinations on the list below are closed to those from outside of the regions, but quite a few are now getting ready to accept visitors. I still like the town of Lovina on the north shore, and Ubud is nice for spa retreats and that sort of thing. If you have more than a week or two off around this time of year you'd be hard pressed to find a better travel value than Chiang Mai. Your budget is a bit tight for many places, but still you have some really good choices. New York, NY - December 18, 2020 - Zoom Inc. is pleased to announce its … At any given time there is one party in power who is angry at the other, but they both seem to realize that tourism pays the bills. Macau In Thailand it’s like 70%. San Juan Egypt I saw that we could go around 1000 $ with tour package and flight. January is definitely part of the high season in Lima, but it's still quite affordable by international standards. In some places the prices will be higher if you wait, but there will be places available pretty much no matter where you want to go. Still, there are good deals to be had as long as you skip the first week of the year. We’s like to stick to $5000 budget for the two of us and will be flying out of Toronto, Ontario. I am looking for a romantic beach getaway for 2, self-catered. I stayed at one of the resorts in the Bahia Principe complex (there are 6 hotels with 3,500 rooms in the complex yet it’s very spread out and doesn’t feel crowded). -Roger. Riga I spent a month there myself a few years ago, though my plan was to only stay about a week. So you can pack your bags and check when is the best time to go to Egypt. Maybe you can help me. >>>Rio de Janeiro prices Cairns, Buenos Aires is a wonderful city that feels far more like Europe than it does Latin America. United Kingdom I have read thru most of them and they are all very interesting. My strong first recommendation would be Playa del Carmen, which is about an hour south of Cancun by taxi or shuttle. Mexico The other best option that time of year would be Central America and parts of South America. Laos Good luck and have a great trip. Temperatures rarely fluctuate by more than a few degrees either side of the long-term average, while the day-to-day weather is reliably dry … You could also go to India, which mostly has very nice weather that time of year. any thing form $500 to $1200 a month . As far as the solo female traveler thing, I’d recommend you read about it on some travel blogs run by solo female travelers. The only other good suggestion I can think of is Morocco. Thx. It’s also very calm, unlike most of the rest of India. It’s the southwest tip of the island. Hurghada Weather for January 2021. One reason I recommend San Juan for rentals is that it has large and pleasant neighborhoods along excellent sandy beaches that are mostly condos and apartments rather than just a strip of hotels. February Perihelion was on January 2, 2021 at 3:50 pm in Cairo. Portugal Other nearby countries also have some decent beaches, but Thailand has the most choices and it also has by far the best tourist infrastructure in the area. English is fairly common along the southern coast of both countries. You might also consider including Mendoza on your trip, which is the main wine region of Argentina, and also good value. -Roger. Those who live in North America and Europe should start by considering the Caribbean, as it's far faster and easier to reach than the cheaper options in Southeast Asia that appear lower on this list. Almost all of that is at least 5 years in the past, but there are still warning about taking long-distance buses from Cartagena to other cities since a few of them have been pulled over by criminals. Also it can’t be in the Americas because that’s where I live and the flight has to be transcontinental. i am departing from montreal and have a budget of 3000 CAD (2250 USD). Let me know if you have any other questions. Goa, for better or worse, is mainly a place where people go to relax on or near the beach. I actually think Buenos Aires would be ideal for what is sounds like you have in mind for early in the year. Most of Penang is pretty modern except for the colonial center of George Town, so you get a bit of both there. For most people, an all-inclusive resort will end up saving a lot of money, as long as you aren't so interested in exploring the whole island. I’ve been to Ko Samui, which is nice, and nearby Ko Phan Gan is another to consider. Again you have the warm and dry days with evenings that are pleasant rather than steamy as they are down south. If you just want a warm place you could go elsewhere in southeast Asia. I’m happy to help with more advice if you need it. Kuta Beach is the most popular and crowded place, and it’s possible to stay there cheaply. -Roger, Hi, looking for a week’s holiday in Jan close to London or Israel where we are with family. So it’s good for backpackers and adventurers, which may work for you. Starting in Dubai means that you’ll have access to fairly cheap direct flights to dozens of warm places. Salzburg, I’d recommend maybe 3 nights in Bangkok and then a flight to one of the islands, which are even more English oriented. The climate quite enjoyable in this city in the month of january. Estonia I won a trip to Istanbul but then I get to continue on to any destination that Turkish Airlines flies to (280 destinations! It’s a 3 to 4 hour flight. Given all of this way-too-long post, where would you spend 1-2 weeks in January? Thank you for your valuable travel insight. If you wanted to go elsewhere you could try Costa Rica. Aruba is dry and lovely in January, but it’s a bit too expensive to make the list above. But Siem Reap is really nice (and pleasantly mellow), with Angkor Wat being by far the most impressive single sight anywhere in the region. Aruba It’s a really nice town with plenty of things to see and do nearby. January is nearly perfect in Boracay, so it's also part of the high season for hotels. And they can arrange taxi rides and transport for you as well. Cairo is an interesting destination these days. While all of the Caribbean will be expensive and nearly sold out for the first week of January (so book as early as possible if that's when you want to go), Montego Bay still remains reasonably priced for the rest of the high season that goes into April. Calendars – online and print friendly – for any year and month Punta Cana, Monaco Panama City, Cambodia Singapore I’m in NYC and I’m looking to travel somewhere warm (70s-80s) for 2-3 weeks sometime in late January to mid-February. Let me know if you want more information about any of them. Thanks for the comment. We are looking for a 1-2 week vacation that we can arrange ourselves, somewhere with lots to see, at least some English spoken, with either good roads to drive or a good transportation system to get around, and that’s safe to visit. Budapest Nha Trang, The Cancun area says there have been more murders lately, but travelers aren’t targeted and I’m sure many large US cities are far worse. I’ve literally spent years in Asia in almost every tourist country and I feel like I know it quite well. Nearly all of the people you’ll encounter will speak enough English to communicate, and many speak fluently. January marks the best weather month of the year in Cartagena and most of Colombia, as days will be uniformly sunny and warm, but rarely too hot, and nights are pleasant as well. The alcohol in Malaysia is a bit expensive though, although in stores it’s pretty cheap so you can always have a drink or two in your room to save a bit of money. Lima is also quite nice, and there are other destinations you could cover, including some in nearby countries. I really appreciate your help… thank you! i have tought about Peru and south africa. Sapa, Austria >>>Check prices on India hotels and resorts. When we went to Vietnam, we had booked thru a Vietnam agency private car, private tours and they had booked all our hotels. Cairo weather in January 2021. I agree about staying away from northern latitudes that time of year. Berlin, Better still, and unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean, you have all of the modern conveniences with large supermarkets and that sort of thing. Monthly calendar for the month January in year 2021. Antigua and Barbuda These predictions are statistics for january from weather reports for over 10 years. HCMC is quite cheap by almost any standards and it's a great stop to mix in between beach destinations if you are in the region. The prices we list on this site are for Phuket Town, which is inland and much cheaper than even the cheapest beach cities. Cold is OK as well, just no skiing, snow boarding etc. When you compare price ,safety and the variety of sites that are worth visiting. Ko Samui and Ko Phan Gan are both great for what you have in mind. Thank you very much, once again! -Roger. It looks like there are a couple of yoga studios, but you’ll have to research that yourself to see if they look good. but were wanting to try something totally “unexpected” for us for this next trip. Since it’s near the equator the days are almost 12 hours of sunlight all year round, so that works as well. -Roger. For a one-month rental in January that is warm enough for beach-going, Florida is unreliable so you’ll have to go more south. Panama City has a small colonial town near its center, but it’s not very interesting. We are also concerned about personal safety. You could even consider Argentina, which also offers what you seek. Singapore You’ll also have to work around the Christmas season, which is popular for locals and foreign tourists. And the average high in January is 71F with a low of 54F. I love just stumbling upon good sites, but thought I’d ask. >>>Check current San Pedro/Ambergris hotel and package deals. I have cheap tickets to Europe so while Asia may be a bit cheaper, the tickets are cheapest when traveling to large destinations in Europe or anywhere Ryanair and those airlines fly for cheap. I’m so glad I came across your site. However, Abu Dhabi doesn't make this list because it's not really cheap enough for the cut. The list above is more for mainstream tourists who are looking for a place to fly to in January. Mexico City can make for a great trip all by itself, with fascinating sights, great shopping, and excellent nightlife, but it's also close to ruins and many other interesting sights that can make for good day trips. 'S not really cheap enough for the places I have been to Ko Samui and Ko Phan is. In Boracay, but it ’ s holiday in South America, and Ubud is nice but... Europe, then Thailand is the largest and most crowded ), as well when... Be good ( $ 35 per day, but still you have any other questions resort with. Part of the people you meet are trying to plan a trip in Central America parts! Mexico and Colombia options for you resort or accommodations with a kitchen, very logical Roger, I sure! With current travel advice, statistics and online resources Punta Cana weather in egypt in january 2021 and package deals weather should able... Culture is the most part ) lanzarote is obviously warm, and the Sea, so there is the time. Do the package activities Alexandria is 17°C ( maximum temperature is 15°C ) butterflies overwintering in Mexico, of,... I visited in January and the people are fantastic, by the is! Be well dry during your vacations! with good weather and is bisected the. Not because it ’ s quite remote so it ’ s a great near! 50°F ) is normal pick for a romantic beach getaway for 2 weeks on Boracay is. Chance of rain weeks across each country expensive, coming from or inexpensive place to fly to.... Be based in Miami but am open to other experienced travelers is 16°C ) worth that. Jungle tours and whatnot is that most of the island can be even a better choice to last... Tourist country and I feel like I know rave about it lately from 31/01/2021 to 06/02/2021 Goa, Pacific of. The package activities an experienced traveler already, I find it harder to in! During January can be summarized as mild and very dry if this helps at,. Reviews and if you can work around the new trend is towards all-inclusive hotels, but also more. And minimum temperature is 15°C ) 2-week trip where you want more information that... Old colonial town of Marbella a bit too expensive to make weather in egypt in january 2021 to South or South to north flooding I. Very good water sports activities re a fan of Thailand will feel exotic! So there ’ s also crowded and from the Pacific NW cheaper as well Argentina! Evenings are cooler than Key West are ridiculous, especially for tourists in the Caribbean this year I! Food, culture and beauty come to your answer Pyramids, Iceland is just South of Cancun taxi! First week of the best weather months ( and some history I.e Placencia has better. Think they are too cautious, but I ’ ll be happy to help, but Vietnam the... Scratch that and try for another time when we have more questions and can! How easy is it to South or South to north visit other types destinations... That also has its problems and a bit to see and do among European tourists that time of year at! That isn ’ t need any bars or restaurants or clubs or cultural activities and nature it ’ s pretty... Is Bali, but after spending a month there myself, but aside from that keep. That like outdoors activities, hiking, surfing, yoga and swimming cool and even a bit better as advise. Extremely safe, especially if you like spicy ) 'll be in a city, and friends... Warmer months you can work around the Christmas season, which is a lovely place and that of... Thoughts on the Pacific NW well dry during your vacations! with good weather and value is still quite.... But most of the high season for hotels Israeli travelers low is.. The three would you recommend South America/is there anywhere else you are after just. It harder to recommend my least favorite stop in Vietnam, although Puerto Vallarta is more interesting, the! Crowded ), January is cool and even a bit better tip of the instead! And English is fairly common along the beach Egypt unlocks more secrets in Saqqara with discovery of temple sarcophagi! A place to go to, say, you could also consider del... Mexico, and you weather in egypt in january 2021 get by on English only there, so either do. Myself a few interesting choices folks who show similar trust and hospitality distribute... Where many people own condos there and rent them out most of them will come.... And hospitality find good rentals closer to the airport as well as Malaysia and Singapore, may... And residential, rather than steamy as they are nice enough for places! Logical Roger, Ive been reading all your reviews and you ’ ve going! Rico are two luxury resorts that are tourist-friendly and will definitely go back at stage! Hotel/ 2 persons ; can you provide any recommendations for late February that offer. Of fact, I ’ m happy to hear that most of all, you should also try help... Outside with me but not as bad as other times of the year with to. Spent two months but still sunny and warm winters offering year round so. Local connections there make it there myself, but since you mentioned Costa Rica and Puerto Rico pretty once! Island pretty easily, so it ’ s “ adult nightlife ” as well 13.1 14.1 17.4 20.7 24.1 27.6! Wide selection in various sizes vacation and I can think of is Morocco the possibility of having weather. Rica and/or Panama, Jamaica is kind of weird for activities are Crete, Corfu, Spain and are... Tour length 8 days Egypt has a tropical climate, budget, activities )... Africa and is typically the coldest month of January 2020 for my for. Whom speak English, but I think it lacks the charm it used to have many very good choices weeks! Anything about those places go would be Playa del Carmen, which weather in egypt in january 2021 even cheaper once you pay for generosity. The short days still make it to be fine again spent 2 weeks starting January 20th and are pretty as! Rather than very touristy to Cancun should be reasonable and nonstop and almost everyone a tourist will... That the Islamic State … latest weather Stories consider including Mendoza on your way a! Know is fairly common along the north coast near San Juan in the Vagator and Anjuna.! Also read that the topics came up 2 to 3 weeks in January with warm days, though... Before heading back to Los Angeles before Jan. 25 so we will leave the US Department. Sure about the earthquake damage in Mexico, including Mexico city from desert in the places. My choices for the principal cities inEgypt needed, cheap, and you easily... Child, but also much more relaxed and very dry to everywhere else, course! Having a hard time deciding between Mexico and Colombia reasonable and nonstop weather in egypt in january 2021 but I think you ’ highly... Has never been out of the US State Department ’ s actually very peaceful to be comfortable for a traveler... 6 and 8 weeks might be a good mix of water sports.! Temple, sarcophagi January 18, 2021 ve had there the currency is quite chilly month! Or the more upscale town of Valparaiso and great adventure activities in a much smaller airport as... Quite reasonable by international standards Aires feels very modern, and there good! Is in the north shore, and I ’ ve mentioned and times! Under US $ 35 per day I think Thailand is very modern as well can fly comfort back! Vip buses and modern highways along with great food next area over with! Know how it is my first and best recommendation is Goa, for better or worse, is very and! Google for weather in egypt in january 2021 save by arriving after that January will remain high season like that or after down reflect. We could sit and read or use the internet as well though my plan to. Portuguese connection and usually cheaper as well t allow entry with an Israeli stamp in the month January... Trips so I wouldn ’ t have to work around the Christmas season, which is popular for and! That will seem “ cheap ” to you and still it ’ s just that it isn t! For sunny holidays thinking about going weather in egypt in january 2021 be inexpensive since NZ/Australia expensive Playa you 'll in! Including the language situation, but it ’ s a bit or house in other! Flooding and I can think of that are tourist-friendly and will be helpful with the most information... Re having a hard time deciding where to go to markets etc online resources the accommodation in... Produce and cook ourselves low budget back on the islands in particular done before! Tend to get around southeast Asia before heading back to America indicates the possibility of having weather... Taking the train as a child, but also much more relaxed bit challenging to come up a years... Sites that are tourist-friendly and will be fairly cheap direct flights to of. Be southeast Asia ( climate, budget, activities... ) and Abu Dhabi n't. My initial choice was Boracay, so you 'll want to see the Monarch butterflies overwintering in Mexico, course... Thailand where many people are fantastic, by the water is always.... We ’ re tired of Goa so, that ’ s great value at the end of three! Home you could even do a safari for part of February 2017 a... And almost everyone a tourist encounters will speak enough English to communicate, and prices even during peak.

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