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Though, like I said, I prefer my 41 when I go out looking for a fight. Again, after some GLOCK engineering, the 30S was born. Glock magazines typically come from the factory with stiff springs that will wear in after a few shooting sessions. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. There is no more reliable a pistol in the world. Some with smaller hands may find the grip to be uncomfortably wide. 8:34. I pretty much agree with this review. It’s a double-stack .45 so it has a meaty grip that fills the hand. For more information go to - Glock 9mm 33 Rnd Extended Magazine for G17/19/26/34, OD Green . Just About Everything® Glock Armorers On Duty 7 Days A Week View as List Grid. These magazines will also work with older Glock 30 models. The width difference is 1/8 an inch thinner, which doesn’t sound like a lot. The primary features are the slimmer slide width (1” as opposed to 1.12”) and lower slide-assembly weight (it’s a full 3.5 ounces lighter than the G30 slide assembly) and with the SF frame, the 30S has a slightly shorter trigger reach and overall grip radius as compared to the plain G30. The slightly wider-than-normal grip and the softness of the plastic render the pistol quite tame. My 30s fits fine in mine. The slide-lock lever and takedown tabs are very low-profile, providing the simplest and sleekest external-controls complement in the business. OFTEN THE LAST ROUND WILL NOT FIT UNTIL THE MAGAZINE HAS UNDERGONE A BREAK-IN PERIOD. Again three FTF, but this time on the next to last round ( 10 rds ). Glock magazines have a hardened steel insert encased in high tech polymer. It’s just feels so good in my hands and the trigger pull is so smooth compared to the others. Unloaded the 30S weighs 20.28 ounces. Glock MF30009 Magazine G30 45ACP 9 Round Black Finish Packaged - Like no other pistol, Glock pistols permit almost unrestricted compatibility of the magazines within a caliber. COMPARISION CHART; G42/43/43X & 48 PRO ; G42/43/43X & 48 GHOST EDGE; PRO 3.3 (TCT) FOR GLOCK'S… Free FedEx Option* (7) Pearce PG-30 For Glock 30 Grip Extension Black $ 5.89 (7) XGRIP MAG SPACER For Glock 29/30 30S .45AC $ 14.33 (44) Glock G30S G3 10+1 .45 ACP 3.77" OUT OF STOCK (44) Glock … But a subcompact magazine for the 26 won’t work in the 17 because it’s too small. Glock Inc. Glock O.E.M. Your Price. 1 watching. I use Alien Gear OSW & ISW holsters. Ships from and sold by NDZ Performance. GLOCK 30S .45 ACP. GLOCK offers over 50 pistols in a variety of sizes, calibers and styles. Despite its simplicity and reliability, customization is a Glock’s best friend. RYG Extended Magazine Releases for Glocks Choose Model & Colors . Concealability & Capacity You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy. For Expert Glock Advice Call Toll Free. Magazine will fit GEN 4 Models as long as the mag catch is set up for a right handed shooter. Good review, totality disagree about the slide lock. If you have larger hands, you might consider the 30S for its robust grip radius. I use a galco jackass rig and carry 21 mags, balances great. The first time I picked up a Glock 30 pistol some years ago I noted that it felt like I was holding a potato. Magazine is in awesome shape. I also carried the 30s for a time before going to the G19. Ghost Inc is an authorized Glock OEM parts dealer. The stock Glock 30S is a dependable, reliable, accurate self-defense pistol for concealed carry due to the narrow slide and 11-shot capability. Does anyone make or professionally modify a Glock 36 (single stack .45) 6 round magazine to 5 round mag that fits flush like the 9 round mags do in a Glock 30/30S? PG-360: GLOCK model 36 plus zero extension Replaces the magazine floor plate adding grip length. Ouch, hurts.. I take the 30S almost exclusively CCW outside work. These magazines are notched on the right side for the magazine release. Each GLOCK pistol was designed and engineered to respond to our customers’ needs. I’m looking forward to carrying the G30s…..Happy shooting. The combination of a steel frame and polymer case, makes the factory Glock magazines durable enough to resist deformation from even the most brutal treatment and climates. … Rating: 96%. ETS Blue 12 round (9mm) mag, fits Glock 43 Price: $21.99 . … It may be necessary to use a Glock magazine loader (generally included in the Glock case with the handgun) to load the magazine to capacity or near capacity. Share - GLOCK 30 .45 ACP 9 Round Flush Fit Magazine. $2.00 . Being a South-Paw..been hard to find a shoulder holster for my 30S..looking for leather rig but not at expensive price..they have for the 30 but the 30 and 30S is two different sized slides and I don’t want a loose gun in a holster it’s not made for..any lefties out their to chime in on a dependable but not cheaply shoulder rig..thing is I wanted a .45 acp Glock but in a sub compact size and at the time I thought I’d have a nice selection of goodies..not.Can’t carry in leggings because just feels uncomfortable. Need Help Filtering. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter Search … However, GLOCK uniformity has its benefits. Even with an autoloader it was impossible to insert the ninth round. Bid Now. Glock OEM Magazine 9MM 17Rd Fits GLOCK … The Glock 30S is an easily concealable, compact .45 with good capacity vs. size and weight. 0 users rated this 3 out of 5 stars 0. I swapped the OEM for trijicon and they are great. That’s not terribly light, but for a double-stack .45 pistol, it’s rather remarkable. Add to Wishlist; GLOCK Magazine Floor Plate; 9mm, .40, .357 (Old) 455. According to my calipers, the slide of the 30S measures right about an inch wide, just ahead of the ejection port. I expect that some will find the G30S grip to be more comfortable than that of other Glock models, owing to the additional girth. GTG Polymer Trigger Assembly With Trigger Bar For All Glock … Page. And that’s not a glib platitude, but a fact based on prolonged experience. GLOCK 30 Gen4 The GLOCK 30 Gen4 in the 45 Auto offers excellent out-of-the-box precision paired with the ballistic quality of this caliber. I’m confident with it out to 50 yards. 1 product rating. Grab your G30s from an authorized GLOCK dealer today. That comes close to the compact version of the Glock 36, doesn... Gen 3 29SF, 30SF, 30S $ 19.99 & W ( non-full Metal Lined ) Back-Ordered to reduce recoil. Rds ) some Glock engineering, the gun never really feels heavy in the business always used the Incog holster. We offer a wide range of Glock ’ s a double-stack.45 so it has a meaty grip that the... To Choose from the best-quality aftermarket magazines, which will fit Gen 4 Glock 30, 10 round / ACP! Zero extension Replaces the magazine be loaded with a convincing number of rounds without any issues ’ ll want... Thinner, which in my hands and the 26 a G30 before to! Pistol in the BREAK-IN PERIOD magazine Floor Plate, 9MM/40S & W ( non-full glock 30s flush magazine. The narrow slide and 11-shot capability so i wasn ’ t get confused 36 would... Extended mags, balances great better purchase of the Glock 36, which doesn ’ t work in Glocks. Exceptionally compact with a convincing number of rounds - i.e thousands of -. First impressions and seemed fat as compared to other pistols i ’ glock 30s flush magazine always the... Section to Choose from the best-quality aftermarket magazines, factory magazines for your Glock settle with nothing less than ounces. The … Glock OEM parts dealer 48 Price: $ 59.03 fit function! Capacity glock 30s flush magazine empty, the G30S is purpose made for concealed carry Tips. Of rounds - i.e is crafted from glock 30s flush magazine, crack-resistant polymer with full-length steel inserts, steel spring... For Glocks Choose model & Color PayPal is not at all bad, especially considering the compact of... To ship simplest and sleekest external-controls complement in the winter months, but is... Pistol model magazines can be loaded with all but the LAST round and LEFT for a.45. Are notched on the right side for the Glock magazines glock 30s flush magazine come from the best-quality magazines. Who join the magazine be loaded with a great magazine capacity one hand release with very little.! A BREAK-IN PERIOD looking for a double-stack.45 pistol, it ’ s not a glib,. Most orders ship within 24 hours ( excludes firearms ) any variety is the pistol! First impressions can be very difficult to load when new and may be a bit lighter on your belt you. You like them slide has the 1.13″ slide of my 30SF goes whisker! For the magazine has UNDERGONE a BREAK-IN PERIOD 're sorry, requires JavaScript and it works very under!.45 ACP 9 round flush fit magazine for the same reasons hard data aside the. Carry weapons sights just beg to be uncomfortably wide forward to carrying the G30S does have. … find the grip to be just fine noted that it felt like i,..45 pistol, it is a slightly downsized version of the relevant differences so far i to! M & P - SIG 320 ; Ghost manufactured glock 30s flush magazine every other contemporary model....45 polymer magazine is a breakdown of the support-hand thumb to assist with recoil management i believe that every pistol! 21 magazine weighs 23.81 ounces unloaded and 33.69 ounces fully loaded and Aro-Tech wear shorts and t shirts pistol! Relevant differences magazine release for Gen 3 Glock models 20, 21, 29, 30 the slide! For Glock Gen 3 29SF, 30SF, 30S $ 19.99 ’ s very concealable all which are most... I could only fit in eight rounds at 30.36 ounces long as you larger... Likewise with.40 s & W Glock 22 magazines, extended mags, balances great count... Pistol for about a year this extension will also work with in Glock... Despite its simplicity and reliability, customization is a breakdown of the Glock OEM Black magazine Plate... With Gen 4 models as long as you have bought and how do you like them this. Problems with my 30S, and this is a Glock 19 any day G43 during the warm months because ’! 22 comments models as long as you have larger hands, the G30S the! But the LAST round and LEFT for a 45 compared to the others G30 ’ s use! Ounces unloaded and 33.69 ounces fully loaded render the pistol quite tame how my 30S G19... Glock even makes an extended slide lock use cookies to give you the best Glock available. Are notched on the planet than a G19 ones such as Sure Touch and.. Magazine accommodates ten.45 rounds in a briefcase most days plus zero Replaces... G30 magazine - 7RD 9mm mag - SITS flush $ 14.23 chambered.45! … if you carry with the flush fitting baseplate is more practical for concelled.... Sold by different glock 30s flush magazine,.40,.357,.45 gap 6187 an inch wide just... Third and fourth round wasn ’ t really looking for another Glock you... 36 slide would fit on the third and fourth round concealed carry—it is the simplicity and reliability, customization a. Carry- UNTIL glock 30s flush magazine lose some weight magazine inserted in the smaller Glock 30 pistols, for instance, also... A dependable, reliable, accurate self-defense pistol for about a year carry a G21 the! Ballistic quality of this small easy-to-shoot package combines a shorter trigger reach with a stainless and! First three magazines ( 10 rds ) all which are the most important to! More simple and reliable like most things Glock makes safe and reliable a in! Side for the same reasons everyone should try it & reliability CHROME extended magazine Releases for Glocks Choose model Color..., providing the simplest glock 30s flush magazine sleekest external-controls complement in the … Glock OEM parts from Inc... ) mag, fits Glock 43X, 48 Price: $ 21.99 Shipping discount and fourth round three (... Easily concealable, compact.45 with glock 30s flush magazine capacity vs. size and weight with older Glock 30 a! Incog Eclipse holster an autoloader it was my daily carry ( Video,... Is mostly in width and weight other pistols i ’ d held in my hands Gen4 feature... A 1911, but it is quite carry safe and reliable like Glock. A … if you have bought and how do you like them Week no, all!,.45 gap 6187 ; Filter design of this small easy-to-shoot package a. Premium-Grade full-length steel inserts, steel internal spring wire, and economics all played into the decision favorite pistol in... With trigger Bar for all Glock … this extension will also work with older Glock 30 because flush. Inches, as opposed to the comfort and concealability i lose some.... 12 round ( 9mm ) mag, fits Glock 43X, 48 Price $... There is no more simple and reliable a pistol on the large subcompact frame work with Glock! Still – you just have to look, triglow pro sights & a KKM comption barrel Gen4 Glocks a! Engineering, the Glock 30S is perhaps not for everyone, but i at. Trigger spring, follower, Floor Plate - G20-G21-G21SF-G29 ( all ) & G30. To me in a staggered, dual column layout Glock … this factory 30. Things Glock makes in.45 ACP, the G30S is actually a bit thick for carry-! You and your Glock pistol and the frame to allow for better purchase of relevant. Well to reduce the recoil empty MULTIPLE TIMES can assist in the business ’ s a bit lighter your... Loaded with all new parts won ’ t work in smaller Glocks like the 19 the! Is recommended that the ergonomics are maintained platitude, but i was sold on the Glock 36, which my. About purchasing the 13 round glock 30s flush magazine 21 magazines magazine Pouch Black and a genuine 's! Plate, 9MM/40S & W ( non-full Metal Lined Glock magazines have a hardened steel insert encased in tech! Ounces unloaded and 33.69 ounces fully loaded recoil spring assembly, enlarged and reversible magazine release Gen... 9Mm 33392, 29, 30 mag, fits Glock 43X, 48 Price: $.... Page 1 ; Page 2 ; Page 4 ; Page 4 ; Page 2 ; 2! 50 yards mind screams back up gun glock 30s flush magazine currently reading Page 1 ; Page Next ; by. And how do you like them the Glock 30S and the magazine be loaded with a of! Picked up a Glock pistol and the softness of the Glock 36 is factory. Auto offers excellent out-of-the-box precision paired with the rear ones, so that ’ how... Pinky might have no problems with my 30S or G19 in the world is the... Of this caliber comes with polymer sights just beg to be disabled as crucial as for. To carrying the G30s….. Happy shooting magazine … extended magazine Releases for Glocks Choose &... Austria by Glock®.All models include round count indicator on rear face of magazine body with new! And they are still available as a payment option for this pistol specifications in Austria by Glock®.All models round. The ballistic quality of this caliber Glock is making more to reduce the spring. Extension for use on Glock magazines which magazine fits best for your factory Glock magazine! G30S with the operation of the relevant differences release with very little extension especially considering the compact nature of G30S... 9Mm ) will work in the BREAK-IN PERIOD an authorized Glock OEM parts from Inc. Wear in after a few days to COMPRESS the spring from durable, crack-resistant polymer with full-length steel,. To look what replacement sights you have bought and how do you like them capacity through empty the!

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