PilmerPR Pitches Bloggers – Effectively

Of course we still pitch broadcast, online, and print media. Garnering media coverage for clients in these outlets is a specialty here at PilmerPR. But, many bloggers have as much credibility and “site authority” as traditional media targets.

We have the research tools to find the best bloggers for your news. Like a laser, we zero in and place your news, guest blog, or other creative content on blogs with BAM! This creates valuable backlinks to your website, attracting new customers interested in what you do. Let us show you how.

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Why Pitch Bloggers?

Usually the first thing at the forefront of a public relations practitioner’s mind is shaping public opinion, thus moving publics to favorable perceptions of the organization. We promote positive brand images to our key publics in the usual ways: pitching to news media, staging events and so forth. Pitching editors in online, broadcast media outlets is frequently associated with PR folks. At PilmerPR, we also recognize the huge value of internet bloggers. So, why pitch to bloggers?

1.  Bloggers are more informal and personal than other communication media.

Have you ever sat down and tried to read a technical manual about flying an airplane? The truth is, not many people have. Now, have you ever heard someone tell a story about being on an airplane or possibly even being a pilot? It is much easier to relate to and comprehend personal experiences in a more relaxed setting and bloggers are most comfortable working in that arena.

2. Bloggers usually specialize in one specific area.

There are droves of blogs covering every aspect of life, any product or any interest. Take a look at your current situation: you are reading a public relations blog, likely to stay abreast of how to maintain and improve your current skill set. With the use of bloggers, the ability to reach a specific, target audience is accelerated.

3. Blogs are easy to share with friends, family and associates.

Blogs are perhaps the easiest single publication type to share via social media. Usually the titles are geared to catch readers’ attention and many come equipped with a feature that allows you to instantly post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on. Bloggers want people to read their blog, so they put a lot of effort into getting their name out there. This is ideal for PR practitioners because the only worry for us is getting our name or “keyword phrases” placed by the blogger.

4. Traditional media have downsized reporters and upsized bloggers.

Over the past few years, online media and the way people consume information and news has radically changed. Legacy print media outlets have downsized or disappears. The most wise among them have successfully moved to an online format. Print only publications have all but been eliminated from the mainstream. While the number of editors and reporters to target with PR outreach, the number of bloggers has risen dramatically. Dazeinfo.com reports the number of bloggers rose 6x from 2006 to 180 million in 2012. That spells opportunity to the savvy marketer and public relations pro.

Bloggers are a relatively new breed of media, causing many public relations practitioners to overlook them. The sooner this invaluable resource is used, the sooner we as public relations professionals function at full capacity.

5.  Bloggers Increase the SEO ranking of your brand & website:

  • By having someone include your brand or a link to your website in their blog, your website strengthens its SEO in that topic they blog about.
  • Increasing the number of back-links to your site shows that your website domain has authority on that subject, increasing your rankings in Google search.
  • The strength of your bloggers website will influence the strength your back-links have in increasing your SEO
6.  Bloggers attract traffic to your website and to your sales funnel.
  • Being mentioned in a blog that receives high traffic can be very helpful in increasing the awareness of your brand and website.
  • If the blog contains a link back to your site, you are bound to receive some traffic that continue through to learn more about the topic you are associated with.
  • potential customers usually go to an information site like a blog to learn more about a topic before making a buying decision.  After linking back to your site as a more informed potential customer, they are more likely to buy.


How to Pitch Bloggers?

Pitching Bloggers is very similar to pitching reporters and, in fact, many traditional reporters blog, as well. For bloggers especially, keep pitches short and to the point and include some links for them to check out and share with their readers. Get to know their blog first to find out what kind of posts they write about.  Making comment on something you particularly liked on the blog may assist in building rapport.


Here’s a list of Don’ts when working with bloggers:

  • Don’t skip your homework – bloggers only want to write about content that makes sense for their audience. Approach blogs that are focused on a topic that relates to your pitch. Don’t email a blogger for a giveaway if they don’t do giveaways or a review if they don’t accept reviews, etc.
  • Don’t be disrespectful – unlike reporters, bloggers often don’t do this as a full-time job. Some of them don’t even make a profit. If you haven’t heard back in awhile, it may mean nothing more than that they’ve been busy working, taking care of families, and living life.
  • Don’t treat them like corporations, but rather as people – write personal pitches for each blogger you approach. Include things you liked about their blog, and explain carefully why your message fits in with their stated goals.
  • Don’t overlook mutual benefit – bloggers need their own press. You can sometimes swap links or guest posts to help both you and the blogger achieve your goals. If you do get a shout out on a blog, be sure to use your own social media and website to acknowledge the post and send your readers to their site.
  • Don’t be inflexible – not every approach will work for every blogger. They each have different readerships and a different purpose. Don’t hesitate to give the option of an original guest post by you, contributing to the blog author’s own post, a giveaway, link swap, contest, or even a paid sponsorship if your budget allows. Let the blogger choose the avenue that makes the most sense for their blog and the amount of time they can dedicate.