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Corporate Social Responsibility PR | CSR Public Relations – PilmerPR

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is an increasingly large concern for corporations. Also known as corporate citizenship, corporate responsibility, sustainable responsible business (SRB) and corporate social performance, CSR has become an important part of both large and small businesses.

In today’s competitive world, businesses need to leverage every differentiating advantage they can imagine. PilmerPR specializes in helping companies use corporate social responsibility as a platform for growth. BusinessWeek reports that “about 60 percent of consumers indicate that when they make purchase decisions they do take into account social and environmental factors.” The PilmerPR team can help design specific and measurable objectives to help your company become socially responsible.

With extensive experience in cleantech, CSR and green PR, PilmerPR has the knowledge and capability to help companies become proactive in communicating and demonstrating their socially responsible actions. The PilmerPR team will help you understand the importance of transparency, dissemination of information and the communication of concise messaging, and how it relates to your strategy of using corporate social responsibility as a growth platform.

BusinessWeek went on to say, “The second point is that about a quarter of them (the 60 percent in the above statistic) don't feel they have a socially responsible alternative and if they did, they would switch brands.

Let PilmerPR help you ensure your company is not replaced by an alternative because of a lack of corporate social responsibility.

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