Five Ways Social Media Communication Has Shaped the World Around Us

Communication is at the heart of each our working world. Imagine no communication or interaction with customers, suppliers, bankers, employees, regulators, neighbors and the public at large. How would any business succeed? Strategic communication from one individual to the next has drastically altered the way we live and work. There are forms of unspoken communication such letting a photo spark a movement of communication, to a simple phrase that communicated a whole new meaning to your desired audience. Cultures, feelings, movements, phenomenon and actions begin with ...

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Get Ready for Live Web

Dateline: Kynetx Impact Conference

Want to see the next communications revolution on the web as vendors scramble for customers demanding more control over the relationship?

Nearly 100 developers and fans of the Live Web gathered at the evening keynote session of Impact, Kynetx annual conference in South Jordan, Utah. Punching up the volume around its disruptive context automation development platform, the company brought in super-geek ...

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Bono and the U2 Boys Greenwashing

bonoU2 has launched one of the largest, most over-the-top tour production tsunamis known to rock n’ roll.  189 trucks will roll cross the world supporting what’s sure to be a really big show. Their PR team swears the tour is green (story). I think this is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the growing support for buying indulgences (carbon credits). I can pollute like crazy, waste resources and ...

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