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Good media relations turbocharges the success of any company. There are many ways to deliver your content, and we help you consider all of your potential mediums. We are skilled in a multitude of channels including:

  • trade publications
  • local & national media
  • television
  • radio
  • bloggers
  • and more…

After creating a targeted press list, PilmerPR helps you develop an ongoing relationship with the best reporters and editors at those outlets to keep your company and messages in the press. We help companies get coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Inc. and other top tier media outlets. We are also experienced in executing social media campaigns that will leave your competition in the dust. Additionally, our expertise in Utah marketing has helped local business receive coverage throughout the Intermountain West for years. Whether you’re looking for local or international coverage, we have the expertise and proven results to reach your audience.

We are also capable of conducting in-depth media research for your organization in order to uncover the media relations avenue that is best for you. At PilmerPR, media relations isn’t just a quick email to a couple reporters. Our media relations services take into account all of your needs so that we can specialize our services to provide optimal output.

PilmerPR uses frequent pitches, press releases, events, awards, and other newsworthy topics to make your company a go-to resource for the press. We also use PR tools, such as podcasts, webcasts, and video, to add flavor to your campaigns, and make your press releases rise above the fray.

At PilmerPR, we know media. Help us let the media know you.

Media Relations Case Study: ElectraTherm

ElectraTherm Logo
About the Campaign:

PilmerPR began public relations efforts for ElectraTherm by preparing for the commercial launch of the ElectraTherm Green Machine, a recovered energy generator that makes low-cost electricity from waste heat. Since ElectraTherm had not yet introduced their company or technology to the general public, PilmerPR began by framing a consistent message and public voice that would put their clean technology on the national stage.

Getting noticed in the flood of “green” messages is always a challenge. The most influential renewable energy reporters and bloggers are receiving hundreds of pitches every day, and PilmerPR knows they need to see compelling news value in order to bite. While pitching ElectraTherm, PilmerPR offered substantial statistics and hard evidence of the true environmental benefits of the Green Machine, in order to rise above the noise.

Increase Texas, national and international awareness of the ET Green Machine through positive media coverage, resulting in:

  • >10 media hits, and introducing the product to an audience of
  • >1 million through media impressions in the first year.

Campaign Strategies:

  • Leverage national, key industry vertical, and local publications to create awareness of the ET Green Machine
  • Position the ET Green Machine as the prototype of new renewable energy technology
  • Use the geothermal application stories to reach audiences not interested in the industrial waste-heat application
  • Partner with early adopters of the ET Green Machine to promote the technology

Key Tactics:

  • Educate and train ElectraTherm’s executives on media relations
  • Identify newsworthy content for pitching and press releases
  • Leverage Popular Science’s “Best of” Award, Wall Street Journal’s annual “Innovations” Award, and Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology’s “Green Company of the Year” Award to garner further coverage
  • Create visual rich media content of the ET Green Machine for use by broadcast media
  • Target influential publications specialized in environmentalism, energy and high-tech
  • Establish trusting relationships with editors or appropriate journalists at top-tier publications by studying their writing style, beat, interests and other useful information
  • Develop new ElectraTherm website to better serve reporters, investors, and potential clients


  1. Total Articles: 103. PilmerPR garnered 18 major articles in print publications and 85 additional online articles. Feature articles appeared in publications such as Dow Jones, Popular Science, Engadget, and Red Herring
  2. Broadcast Segments: Two national news segments (FOX Business News and The 700 Club), three local news segments, one syndicated radio show, and three online podcasts
  3. Total Audience Reach: More than 406 million
  4. Advertising equivalency: Approximately $1.1 million
  5. Traffic to Increased 500% over the previous year
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