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Check out this press release that was used for a past client:


For Immediate Release

SpotterRF provides “Eyes” for Mobile Force Protection Training at Camp Williams
SpotterRF provides budget conscious radar option through growing list of integrators

TAMPA, FL—SOFIC—May 14, 2013—The United States spends $1.2 million to send one soldier to serve in Afghanistan for one year*. To protect these warfighters, SpotterRF worked with Camp Williams, Utah in recent exercises to train operators on the use of a compact radar system that cost less than $30,000 with only a 3lb battery and laptop that automatically detects and tracks multiple threats anywhere in a 150 acre area through all weather conditions, night or day. The exercise tested SpotterRF’s effectiveness in conjunction with existing U.S. Army advanced listening systems.

Reflecting the forward looking military transition to more cost-effective and mobile systems for nimble ground forces, Camp Williams utilized SpotterRF M600C radar units to rapidly deploy secure perimeter protection.  SpotterRF compact surveillance radar provides 150 acres of coverage per unit and fits in a backpack kit. While SpotterRF is now catching on in commercial applications protecting critical infrastructure at home, the radar delivers cost-effective, yet powerful perimeter protection to small forces traveling light and fast.

“Nimble small group forces securing a position must first eliminate threats, then, set up a defensible perimeter,” states Sgt. 1st Class Paul Diamond, instructor for the Low Level Voice Intercept (LLVI) course at Camp Williams, Utah. “Troop position may change overnight or in an hour. Since we can make SpotterRF radar operational from pack to track in just a few minutes, we minimize the time our troops are at greatest risk. This ultimately saves lives.”

Diamond teaches a dozen classes each year to troops deploying for forward operating base defense and mobile infantry force protection in the field. SpotterRF radar advantages for this application include compatibility with existing battery power supply, rugged lightweight construction, ease of use, and fast setup.

“With our current LLVI course, we provide ears to the on-the-ground soldier. SpotterRF adds eyes to that same capability. It provides additional actionable intelligence to target the enemy based on focused visual location confirmation whether they are talking or not.”

New SpotterRF Partners

SpotterRF strategic integrator partner list is growing rapidly to meet demand for SpotterRF’s patented technology. New resellers distributing Spotter radar include:

Damar Security Systems has worked to become one of Canada’s leading integrators on electronic security solutions to residential, commercial, retail, industry and financial clients across Canada.

Delex Fairfax ISS is an international physical security integration company headquartered in the Washington DC area with operations in New York and Bahrain. The company’s focus is on large complex projects for major corporations and government agencies.

Dmoses Consulting provides security solutions with the only pro-active, unmanned high decibel sound barrier devices for protecting perimeters in a commercial capacity worldwide.

GM Radars is an innovative company in non-destructive testing, defense and safety equipment, headquartered in Athens, Greece. GM provides integration solutions and owns advanced equipment in order to provide high-quality services globally.

HurleyIR is a leading manufacturer of infrared, visual and night vision cameras. HurleyIR combines SpotterRF with TomKat, BigShot, and RCC camera systems to provide early detection and crystal clear imagery in any environment.

Infralogic, based in Sweden, combines video analytics, thermal sensors, UAV with SpotterRF radar technology to meet the highest requirements of protection for both property and people.

IT&T is a defense contractor based in VA. The mission of IT&T is to ensure the success of our domestic or international customers who rely on Government Contracts. Also, IT&T supports Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT/DoD) in increasing Defense Procurements Traffic from foreign companies on a “Two-Way Street” relationship with US DoD.

Rockfire Concerns Limited is West Africa’s leader in perimeter protection, monitoring critical infrastructure, surveillance of coastal waters, and tracking maritime assets. With mastery of the region’s unique challenges, Rockfire provides robust, scalable and agile resilience solutions to governments, homeland security agencies, security patrol contractors, and oil exploration and production platforms offshore West Africa.

SISDEF is a leading Defense Systems Chilean Company founded in 1983 that provides custom solutions on Command and Control Systems, Automation, Homeland Security and Systems Integration.

Solarbeam Security – Making the Standard of Perimeter security better! Customized, Solar Powered Towers reliably deliver immediate notification & verification of intrusion through the use of Radar, Microwave, IR Beams & Hi-Res Video.

Zone Advanced Protection Systems is an Australian developer of leading edge, IP based, high security software products, and a distributor of mission critical electronic security and surveillance solutions from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

“Today’s small force technology must be lightweight and cost-effective, while providing real-time battlefield information that is accurate and actionable,” states Logan Harris, CEO for SpotterRF. “SpotterRF fits the bill, proven as providing better protection for our soldiers on the ground.”

Until recently, radar surveillance was only available for large force protection systems like BETSS-C or G-BOSS. Now, every warfighter can have radar coverage. Spotter radar units come in four sizes, weighs as little as 1.5 lbs. each, use less energy than a light bulb (just 8W each), and can communicate with Google Earth, RaptorX, Falconview and other situational awareness software. Training takes less than 30 minutes in the field.

Integration with existing IR cameras, video analytics, or other Intrusion Detection System (IDS) greatly reduces costs and increases effectiveness for protecting critical infrastructure such as embassies.

About SpotterRF

SpotterRF provides the world’s most advanced compact surveillance radar (CSR) system for perimeter security and force protection.  Made in the USA and engineered for extreme conditions, SpotterRF technology is the most compact, lightweight, energy efficient, and cost-effective radar for elite warfighters and critical infrastructure requirements. For a data sheet, visit

Media Contact:
John Pilmer

*source: National Defense Magazine

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