Social Media Management and Public Relations

Social media has changed the face of PR online. If you are not taking part of the social media conversation, your company is not taking advantage of the lucrative and targeted opportunities. Now more than ever, it is vital to listen to your customers. Social Media PR allows you to not only listen, but to become part of the conversation. Social Networks like Facebook, and Twitter are not only for socializing, but when used correctly, they can become powerful social media PR tools.

PilmerPR lives on the forefront of social media PR and high-technology. Our team can provide your company with strategic ways to leverage the social networks to which people are flocking. With proven techniques and meaningful metrics, PilmerPR has helped companies establish brands, reinforce messaging and communicate with targeted audiences.

Let PilmerPR devise a customized social media PR strategy for your company. The conversation is taking place. Will you be part of it?

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