What Business Leaders are Saying about PilmerPR


Paul Allen – Founder of FundingUtah.com

“We originally hired PilmerPR to do a single press release, but with John Pilmer’s initiative and unique abilities, he rolled it into a successful launch event that catapulted our exposure way beyond expectation. The event attracted not only the Governor of Utah, but also 40 angel investors, 50 entrepreneurs, other government officials and a number of media representatives. It was a complete publicity success!”


Shannon Shupe – Director of Press Relations, Novell

“John Pilmer’s contribution to Novell’s overall efforts has significantly impacted our strategic objectives. He put in long hours, worked in a very high pressure environment, carried the workload of several people and solved complex problems using very sound judgment. His work was absolutely top quality.”


David Saedi – CEO, Certiport

“John has consistently delivered excellent results working as a key member of our marketing team. Many times I have turned to John for counsel on strategic marketing communications issues and in each case have been pleased with his understanding of important global market conditions and trends. His insight into the mind of the media in the U.S. and Europe has allowed us to make important progress toward our strategic objectives.”


Bill Olson – Vice President of Business Development, ElectraTherm

“ElectraTherm’s requirements for driving awareness about our new products to key publics have been exceeded by PilmerPR. The press relations campaign driven by PilmerPR around the launch of our new ElectraTherm Green Machine has brought new top tier investors and customers to our door. It has created a foundation for building major press momentum going forward. PilmerPR has assisted greatly in driving publicity that has moved the needle for our strategic objectives.”


Gary D. Tassainer-President, Tasco Engineering

“PilmerPR has delivered with innovative approaches to give the silent majority a voice and improve perception of our wind energy project among important governmental and community groups.


Glenn Jakins – CEO, Humless

“With PilmerPR, we’ve accomplished in three months what it would have taken us a year to do without them.”

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