Inc. Magazine calls John Pilmer’s state a “hotbed for entrepreneurship.” For the past 10 years, John has been in the thick of the state’s entrepreneur success.  Need business growth, or a company messaging makeover? John’s firm has accelerated the launch of dozens of new businesses, taking 4 clients to the Inc 500 so far.

An Entrepreneur Consultant and Startup Coach, John accelerates the growth of entrepreneurial firms. He assists aspiring startups in defining, “what is entrepreneur strategy?” He mentors entrepreneurial startups, teaches entrepreneurship at Utah Valley University, and blogs on best business practices at and is a guru for hire.

You need John if you need:

  • Entrepreneurial Resources
  • Entrepreneur Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Entrepreneurial Skills

The campaign driven by John Pilmer around the launch of our new ElectraTherm Green Machine has brought new top tier investors and customers to our door.”  Bill Olson – Vice President, ElectraTherm

Today’s business start-up dilemma:

  • Launch on a tight budget
  • Recruit an “A-Team”
  • Get world-class, measurable results
  • Do it FAST!

John helps you focus on a single industry vertical, align all resources to win early majority reference customers, then dominate that segment.

6 Steps to Success:

  1. Email us for Confidential Marketing Questionnaire
  2. Fill it out as best you can & return it by email
  3. We set up a convenient time to meet for 30 minutes
  4. We review your information prior to meeting
  5. Meet for 30 minutes. Learn “5 PR Tips You Can Use Today” & “Content Marketing: 2 things that may kill your web traffic this year!”
  6. If you like what you hear, hire us and grow faster!

“In three months, John helped us do what it would have taken us a year to do otherwise.” Glenn Jakins – CEO Humless

  • 4 Clients in INC. 500 Fastest Growing Co.
  • Entrepreneur Faculty, Utah Valley University
  • Board – Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum
  • Board – Orem Business Incubator (CEDO)
  • Chamber Award – Business Excellence

  • "John has consistently delivered excellent results working as a key member of our team."–David Saedi - CEO, Certiport

  • "John comes from a strategic focus in all that he does"–Mark Modersitzki - US Synthetic

Historically high risk, old school startup models started with an idea, a big business plan, and a power pitch to investors. Then, the entrepreneur played “Russian roulette” banking on customers buying into the great idea.

John’s coaching integrates new school best practices entrepreneurial process to accelerate growth and minimize risk. He teaches the business owner to:

  1. formulate a value proposition (hypothesis/idea)
  2. test & refine that idea with real customer feedback – minimal capital
  3. develop market strategy & business model with customer input
  4. build the product/service with customers
  5. build investor support using proven concept and research
  6. scale the offering with real customers validating each step 
Lack of Experience is among the top 9 factors for business failure. John Pilmer’s team can fix that.