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More than ever, corporate executives are tasked with reaching ever higher revenue and growth objectives. Business PR plans must be clear, well engineered, and always measurable. Marketing and PR campaigns and initiatives must tie back to the master business plan and demonstrate contribution to revenue.

With the globalization of the Internet and the growing importance of PR online, marketing professionals must provide accountability. PilmerPR does just that with basic measurement tools for smaller clients and more advanced tools for companies with larger campaign requirements.

PR consulting for executive spokespersons is vital as it has an immediate impact into how the company is quoted and covered in the press. Establishing executives as industry experts through byline articles and speaking opportunities maximizes publicity potential for companies seeking credibility among prospects, partners and investors. Well prepared executives can also effectively counter all types of negative publicity.

Planning ahead for potentially hazardous situations can prevent companies from losing credibility and enable them to maintain solid relationships with internal and external publics in the event of a crisis. A well developed crisis management pr plan, along with a trained crisis team, will prevent negative impacts on companies and aid executives in maintaining the master business plan.

PilmerPR associates can help with these objectives, and have garnered coverage for clients in Investors Business Daily, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Fortune Small Business, Bloomberg Television, New York Times, Washington Post and many other business publications with millions of readers.

With a Masters in Business Administration and Accredited Public Relations (APR) credentials onboard, PilmerPR is prepared to speak the language of business.

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