Go Daddy No Daddy PR Fiasco – SOPA Good? SOPA Bad?

Go Daddy customers seem to be running for the exits based on the company stance on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Bleeding thousands of customers a day, Go Daddy PR folks must be pulling their hair out over this one. They might do well to bone up on PilmerPR counsel on Crisis Communications. At first blush Go ...

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More than words – US Government Loses Records

In our PilmerPR public relations firm, words communicate a message like “trust us, we’ve got your back.” But, what’s the message behind the words? What does the attached letter communicate.

The US Government wants to “protect” and run our healthcare system. Do they really have a track record we can count on? They lost my father‘s 25 year US Navy service record.

“We have been unable to find the record needed…”

Can you imagine how you would feel if they ...

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