BBB – New Phishing Scam Messing with your Public Relations & Online Reputation Management?

This Utah PR firm has a clean record with the BBB. Long before Facebook, Google+, Angie’s List, Yelp, or a dozen other now prominent consumer rating services, there was the BBB. So, I paid attention the other day when I received a convincing email from what was “purported” to be the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  As a public relations firm offering Online Reputation Management, I know how ...

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Online Reputation Management – Around the World in 8 Seconds

One of the fun movies of my childhood was “Around the World in 80 Days.” Set in the early days of automobiles, it highlights the huge challenges of circumnavigating the globe. Today, I have to laugh that we can circle the globe online in more like 8 seconds–a little faster than back “in the day.”

Just as transportation now moves at multiples of the speed of sound, ...

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HP:Un-Heard Message from HP Firing of Hurd-Save the Stock!

Hurd Out of the HP HerdThis past week, Hewlett Packard fired their golden-child CEO Mark Hurd–no, he “resigned”– with a $28M diamond-studded golden parachute. Why? Some CSR experts will say it was the responsible thing to do. You could also say the simmering sexual harassment scandal had something to do with it (you think?!). And, a $28M payoff–um-“severance”–may be pocket change when considered in context.

HP executives were ...

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