Jason Chaffetz Catches 4th of July Ride w Clean Green Humless

Our cleantech client Humless is owned by naturalized U.S. citizens who immigrated from Africa. They love the 4th of July and they love the freedom that America represents to the world. Their holiday weekend included a company cricket match, picnic, & sharing the company’s mascot, the Humless electric vehicle (1960 VW bus) with 300,000 parade goers in Provo at the Freedom Festival Grand Parade. Congressman Chaffetz & family caught a ride with Humless. We had a blast putting ...

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I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag…What's the message?

Independence Day is a great holiday – parades, BBQ, sun, games, family, chillin’.  Yet, it has roots in something so much more fundamental to our way of life. The intended message of this celebration included the Founding Fathers’ vision for a country that was set apart from every other. They wanted us to remember that freedom is not free and that we all have a responsibility ...

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Freedom of Red, White & Blue PR

old-gloryI love America! That concept seems a bit less precious to many than in days gone by. But, I love it-no doubt. Why?

Well, my occupation in Public Relations depends on the “freedom of speech” promised by our Constitution. The concept of a “free press” is required for an effective PR campaign. Americans have fought boldly for more than two centuries to preserve these rights – my ancestors included.

The challenge is freedom ...

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