Romney vs Obama: Social Communicators?

As Romney seems to emerge as the survivor of the 14th round of the Republican slug-fest of recent months, he has little time to recover as he directs his media fist to Obama’s well-funded corner of the ring. I’d be surprised if the President isn’t quite pleased with the blood and sweat, and money drenched towels piled up in Romney’s corner from his ...

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Ambassor Huntsman joins Harley PR team-Message to China?

After the pomp and circumstance, the cannons firing and bands playing, the flags and the applause, Ambassador Huntsman (past governor of Utah) rides off of Utah’s capitol hill on board a a “big hog” Harley Davidson. No, not a farm animal, a motorcycle.

Flanked by Utah Highway patrol and his posse of dirt biker buddies, Huntsman may have sent a perfect message to Chinese trade counterparts awaiting his arrival in their country. Buy American, buy Harley. Certainly the US based ...

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