UVEF Crunch Lunch – PR in 5 Min on a Budget You Can Survive


crunchlunch-233x300Today I present at the UVEF Crunch Lunch in Provo, Utah. We expect a big crowd if its anything like the last one of these I spoke at. I’ll be addressing the revolutionary changes in Public Relations and PR tips for startup success on a budget new businesses can survive. Here are some of the revolutionary social media  facts that are changing the PR business:

24 of 25 of ...

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Social Media Explosion – Fad or Strategic PR Tool

PilmerPR works feverishly to “skill up” staff to meet the demands of Social Media as an important component of a well conceived public relations strategy.  And, if there ever was a moving target, Social Media is it! If you are still a doubting Thomas as to why, watch the following video. Then, give us a call and let us help take your company from “zero to hero” through public relations, including well conceived social media.

Social Media Revolution

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