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Synthroid is used for treating low thyroid hormone levels and certain types of goiters.

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New drugstore bb cream

The so-called “Triple Bottom Line” of Green, which I first heard years back from Vinod Khosla, is People-Planet-Profits. On Earth Day, we focus most of our attention on the Planet component. However, this year I would like to step outside the box to remind us of the People component of Green.

The story goes, in many religions, that a man named Adam ...

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Lottery vs. Entrepreneur – Same Risk?

The mega lottery media tsunami is back and bigger than ever with more than half a billion $dollars$ riding on the Mega Millions wave. Proponents of the lottery system might say this is a perfect way to raise state revenue. It’s voluntary unlike other forms of tax. Opponents might say the lottery is a fool’s game, preying on those least ...

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PilmerPR’s Got Energy

GoodOil, US Synthetic, ElectaTherm, Tasco Engineering, Illumra, and now Humless. PilmerPR has a proven record of success with energy-related clients (particularly clean energy) going back to its early years.

We have working relationships with hundreds of magazines, newspapers, broadcast shows and blogs hungry for news about innovative energy products, and have placed our clients on Popular Science, Fox Business, TreeHugger and countless other news outlets across the country.

In addition to publicity, we also help our energy clients bring customers to ...

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Crunch Lunch: 5 Minutes on Corporate Responsibility (CSR)

John Pilmer, President of PilmerPR, addressed Corporate Social Responsibility at the 2010 Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum “Crunch Lunch,” Thursday. The luncheon program allowed each speaker five minutes to “crunch” as much information as he/she could on a topic. Slides advanced automatically every 15 seconds. A two-minute question and answer session followed.

See video of the presentation below or on YouTube:

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Utah’s Bright Business Horizon

Some doom and gloom still swirls around the struggling world economy. Europe is reeling from the after effects of Grecian formula fiscal mismanagement – now coming home to roost. As the Icelandic volcano spews toxic ash across the world, business disruption is dropping financial hardship on airlines, affected companies, and countries. The emerging Gulf oil disaster is sending out waves of financial loses yet counted.

In the midst of such disruption, there is good ...

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Utah Economy on the Grow?

On the same May day that the stock market took a steep one-day dive, investors heard from Utah-based REIC that the company had upgraded their five-year forecast, doubling estimates for growth and income. With expansion into 15 other states and new real estate education products, they heard that the company hired 35 people in 2009 and plans similar new jobs in 2010.

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Utah Genius Awards – Salt Lake Squeaks by Utah Valley in Patent Race

Some pretty smart people were among the winners at today’s UTAH GENIUS awards. UTAH GENIUS recognizes the creative people, companies and cities behind Utah’s economy. The awards are based on objective statistics, so we know that the people recognized are high performers.

Salt Lake squeaked by Utah Valley (Provo/Orem) with 279 and 216 patents, respectively. Patent award recipient, US Synthetic, says the patent process costs a minimum of $15,000 depending on many variables.  On the low end, that’s $1.4M just for ...

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Pope Goes to Kenya – from Utah – CSR at its best

uvef_logoYesterday, I heard Louis Pope speak to the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum ( as he received recognition as Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Louis thinks globally, about our back yard in Utah, about our back yard to the world. In his acceptance remarks, he said more than a billion people live in extreme poverty-less than $1/day. However, his comments were not gloom and doom. He spoke of the net ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility: How you can do it – Part III

The secret to effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is planning. Integrate CSR into your organizglobeinhandweb1ation’s business model for best results. The benefits from your CSR campaign may come in the form of increased profits, an increased positive company perception, or approval from the community through increased goodwill or an improved hiring pool.

Positive outcomes for your CSR campaign require leadership, not luck. A strategic look at organizational objectives and how ...

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