"Doing" CSR – The Real Thing

I love this article on CSR. It focuses on what I’ve been teaching PR clients for years: “First  Be Good, then Talk about it.”

Greenwashing is just the environmental version of getting the order wrong, “talk about being good, before walking the walk.” We have a corporate responsibility to answer to Society, the Environment, and Stockholders (people, planet, profit).  We ...

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Pope Goes to Kenya – from Utah – CSR at its best

uvef_logoYesterday, I heard Louis Pope speak to the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF.net) as he received recognition as Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Louis thinks globally, about our back yard in Utah, about our back yard to the world. In his acceptance remarks, he said more than a billion people live in extreme poverty-less than $1/day. However, his comments were not gloom and doom. He spoke of the net reduction ...

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