Client: Brent Brown Toyota

About the Campaign:

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Brent Brown Toyota hired PilmerPR to help improve its reputation management PR online and in the community. Though they enjoyed high customer satisfaction ratings, it was virtually impossible for them as a car dealership to monitor and respond quickly to social media discussions involving their company. As is often the case online, a few disgruntled customers produced a disproportionate amount of negative comments and dealership reviews. In its continuing commitment to improve customer service, Brent Brown Toyota engaged PilmerPR to quicken rapid response to customers on the Internet.

PilmerPR takes an effective, ethical approach to online reputation management. PilmerPR’s strategies quickly and transparently address negative feedback and provide positive interactions with the public.

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  • Find all negative online comments about Brent Brown Toyota and post a client-approved response within hours of its posting
  • Secure a positive response from 75% of those we address


  • Use comprehensive social media monitoring tools and strategies to find all mentions of Brent Brown Toyota
  • Formulate an effective and strategic response to each negative comment
  • Coordinate with Brent Brown Toyota’s Customer Relations Manager regarding online posts and recommend response
  • Follow-through to ensure the commenter is reached with the response
  • Analyze the outcome and adjust future strategies as needed


  • Official Toyota Customer Satisfaction rating improve from 93% to 98%, largely credited to PilmerPR
  • Detected and rapidly responded to more than a dozen negative posts in the first six months
  • Google Ratings improved from a 15/30 (“Fair to Good”) to 22/30 (“Very Good to Excellent”)
  • Having a digital reputation management absolutely, 100%, has to be a part of your business. If it’s not, if you get damaging things out there about you, don’t kid yourself: it’s hurting you, and you’ll never know it. I would highly recommend PilmerPR to help with your reputation management.

    –Larry Terry, General Manager, Brent Brown Toyota