About the Campaign:

SpotterRF provides the world’s smallest surveillance radar for security and perimeter protection.  The SpotterRF team hired PilmerPR to help them with their strategic public relations for their current market of the US military and to assist them in introducing their company and product to the commercial industry on an national and international basis.

As an emerging startup, it was vital for SpotterRF to increase its visibility by expanding from a single market focus of military small force protection to being a viable security product in commercial settings to better protect the public, improve security, reduce workload, and increase overall  safety.   PilmerPR’s role was to strategically make this transition with maximum impact. 

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Goal and Objectives:

Increase awareness and publicity for SpotterRF in new markets by obtaining local and national media coverage and placement in industry vertical publications.

Strategies and Tactics:

  • Position SpotterRF as a viable product in the commercial security industry
  • Develop strategic messaging and marketing plan for commercial industry
  • Create targeted media & blogger list spanning across new markets
  • Land local & national media coverage commercial & vertical publications
  • Garner nationally recognized awards to validate SpotterRF in new markets
  • Create press releases and other content for targeted audiences
  • Web development content marketing council and implementation
  • Advisement and guidance in channel partner development


Total Articles: 34 including 9 print articles & 3 national stories, including Fox News and 2 international outlets.

SpotterRF garnered a TV spot on KSL Channel 5 News

Campaign has reached an audience of over: 50 million

Awards include:

  • ASIS International “Accolades” for security
  • Popular Science Magazine “Best of What’s New,”
  • Security Sales & Integration “Top 30 Tech Innovations,”
  • UVEF Best Kept Secret award

“With PilmerPR’s strategic counsel and consistent effort, we have more than doubled our web traffic year over year.  They have significantly increased the industry buzz about our breakthrough product and helped us gather third-party endorsement that validates our direction and market value. High marks to them for their work.”

 – SpotterRF CEO Logan Harris