How to Blog

Over 396 million people view more than 4.1 billion blogs per month (source), making blogging today’s leading marketing awareness channel. With blogging, you are able to have your targeted consumer come looking for you, taking the burden of building a client base off of management. Are you interested in drawing visitors to your web page on a consistent basis using up-to-date information you provide? If so, take advantage of PilmerPR’s blogging expertise and build your company’s blog.

Get others to blog about YOU!

Reasons that companies need blogs:

  • They are proven to draw traffic to your web page.  Sites that blogged receive 55% more visitors than those with simply a website (source).
  • Companies are behind the industry curve if they do not currently have a blog.
  • Blogs keep customers up to date with the latest news regarding the organization, good and bad. Internet shopping giant eBay does this in an extremely effective way (
  • They help organizations to be more transparent, and thus, more trustworthy to customers. Delta Airlines, for example, answers potential customer concerns via their blog, allowing for more organizational transparency (

Here are a few tips to blogging:

Create your blog.

The initial and probably most obvious step to becoming a successful blogger is to build your blog from the ground up. This involves searching for a blogging platform such as blogspot or Tumblr or generating your own webpage with html, java or a host of other potentially complicated avenues. Once you have accomplished this step, you have only scratched the surface.

Generate content.

Great, you have a functional blog and have learned the basics of how to blog. Now what? Well, you need to generate content that is audience-targeted and attracts visitors to your blog. It is great to have visitors, but what does that afford you without their interest in your product? It is necessary to use strategies that are proven to boost sales and bring in the visitors you want rather than just passers-by.

Optimize your blog for the major search engines

Search engine optimization is a method used by organizations to secure a place as one of the top hits based on search engine search criteria. Think about it this way: you search for a recipe for brownies on the Internet. Are you going to go to the bottom of the search page and click beyond the first page hits to get that recipe? The answer is likely a resounding no. Apply this to your organization and it becomes clear why you want your organization to be at the top of search engine results.

Use lists in your blog.

Many times people that are reading blogs are visiting for a specific purpose and do not have a lot of time. By using numbered lists, you  are able to make it easier for your consumer to pinpoint what they want to read.

Blog Coaching

Say what you need to say and keep it at that:

A blog is useful in getting a point across succinctly. Avoid flowery, complicated language and try to keep it simple and understandable, making every word serve a purpose. Your customers will be appreciative.

Use simple, personal, understandable language:

The beauty of blogging is that you can take a more personal tone with your audience to get your points across. This, however, is not a license to be sloppy (ie overusing colloquialisms, profanity, etc.). Keep it neat and to the point while building trust with readers.

Make your blog easy on the eyes.

Nothing is more distracting than a gaudy color scheme or distracting photos. Make the attention drawn to your blog be to your message and not rattling visuals.

Don’t try being something you are not.

A blog is meant to foster transparency for an organization. Using too many superlatives (best, top-of the line, state of the art), demonizing of competitors, or flat out lying could come back to bite the organization in the end.

As you can see, creating your company blog is definitely doable if you have time and dedication. PilmerPR has built a great reputation through blog usage and creation over our ten years in business. If you would like more information as to how we can help you make the most profitable blog possible, click here.

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